Canvas Decorative Pillows
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  • Triangles 26x26 Pillow, Indigo

    Triangles 26x26 Pillow, Indigo

    • $100 Retail
    • $75 Our Price
  • Charcoal/White Stripe Pillows, Pair
    Sale Has Ended

    Charcoal/White Stripe Pillows, Pair

    • $449 Retail
    • $314 Our Price
  • Chinese Ancestor Bolster Pillow
    Sale Has Ended

    Chinese Ancestor Bolster Pillow

    • $469 Retail
    • $315 Our Price
  • Diamond Woven Brocade Pillow
    Sale Has Ended

    Diamond Woven Brocade Pillow

    • $225 Retail
    • $149 Our Price
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  • Purple & White Floral Ikat    Pillow
    Sale Has Ended

    Purple & White Floral Ikat Pillow

    • $225 Retail
    • $159 Our Price