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Salvador Dalí, The Pool of Tears
Salvador Dalí, Pig & Pepper
Rothko, Orange and Yellow 1956
Wayne Thiebaud, Supine Woman, 1963
Salvador Dalí­, Rhino
Modigliani, Christina
Pierre Bonnard, The Riviera, 1923
Pablo Picasso, War and Peace
Van Gogh, Portrait of Joseph Roulin
Monet, Landscape, The Parc Monceau
Félix Vallotton, Jura Mountains
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss
André Beaudin, 115 Bank Street
Pissarro, Jalais Hill Pontoise
Henri Matisse, Large Mask
Dalí, A Caucus Race and a Long Tale
Joan Miró, Star Scene
Richard Phillips, Spectrum
Marc Chagall, Blue Bouquet
Jean Arp, Paroles Peintes II, 1965
Pablo Picasso, Pour Roby
Pablo Picasso, Hands with Flowers
Ben Shahn, Unexpected Meetings
Georges Braque, Ajax
Salvador Dalí, Elephant
Charles Conder, Rickett's Point, 1890
Henri Matisse, Blue Nude
Picasso, La Corrida (The Bull Ring)
Claude Monet, Garden in Argenteuil Sun
Marc Chagall, Homecoming
Lee Ufan, From Line 1977
Kees van Dongen, The Corn Poppy, 1919
Paul Klee, The Vase
Picasso, Femme Couchée Lisant, 1939
Édouard Manet, Flowers in a Crystal Vase, 1882
Georgia O'Keeffe, Red Poppy
Picasso, Tête de Femme, 1962
Wayne Thiebaud, Ice Cream, 1964
Van Gogh, Almond Branches in Bloom, 190
Streeton, At Templestowe
Georges Rouault, Dancers
Allen Tucker, The Orange Book
Picasso, New Year 1953
William H. Beard, Dancing Bears
Modigliani, Portrait of Mme Zborowska
Modigliani, Portrait of a Young Woman
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    Allen Tucker
    Amedeo Modigliani
    André Beaudin
    Ben Shahn
    Camille Pissarro
    Charles Conder
    Claude Monet
    Félix Vallotton
    Georges Braque
    Georges Rouault
    Georgia O'Keeffe
    Gustav Klimt
    Henri Matisse
    Jean Arp
    Joan Miró
    Kees van Dongen
    Lee Ufan
    Marc Chagall
    Mark Rothko
    Pablo Picasso
    Paul Klee
    Pierre Bonnard
    Richard Phillips
    Salvador Dalí
    Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton
    Vincent van Gogh
    Wayne Thiebaud
    William Holbrook Beard
    Édouard Manet