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Funeral Range by Ralph Hulett
Watercolor on cardboard of the Funeral Mountains on the California-Nevada border, signed by Ralph Hulett (American, 1915-1974) and painted circa 1970. Framed in a beveled black wood frame.
Dancing Couples by Moses Soyer
A watercolor on paper of two couples dancing by Moses Soyer, painted circa 1950. Born in Russia under Czar rule, Moses Soyer (1899-1974) was greatly impacted by the Great Depression and infused socialist-realist themes into his works, His figurative works are influenced by Degas and showcasing his ability to capture subtle emotions. Signed on the lower center. Displayed in elaborately carved gold wood with white mat/gold bevel. Image Size: 19 x 12.5 in. (48.26 x 31.75 cm)
ABCDEF by Nick Wallis
An acrylic on canvas painting by American artist Nick Wallis of the letters "ABCDEF" sprawled across an abstract of dark tones. This abstract expressionist work from circa 1980 is signed on the lower right and is offered unframed.
Dancing Couple by Pearl Amsel
Czech-born American sculptor Pearl Amsel (1931 - ) depicts a couple dancing, and even though the sculpture is static it is full of life and movement. Basic geometric shapes and forms combine to form figures that we can tell are human although they both lack specific features. The 1976 bronze sculpture is signed and dated on the work itself.
Grand Slam by Bettcher
Pastels and earth tones fill the canvas of this original oil painting by Bettcher from the 1980s. Bettcher is able to capture a sense of movement by accenting array of colors with brilliant white. Signed on lower right. Unframed.
Folk Art Yellow Home by Joseph Perri
Folk art oil painting of a yellow farmhouse in the early winter by Joseph G. Perri, painted circa 1980. Unframed.
Abstract by Soni Wallace
Abstract watercolor by Soni Wallace, 1962. Displayed in a light birch frame with an off-white mat. Paper size, 9.5"H x 14"W.
Geometric Abstract by H. Wallerstein
Dynamic abstract geometric watercolor painting in a great scope of colors by Harold Wallerstein (German-American, b. 1924). Unframed.
Mother & Her Children
Portrait of a mother and children rendered in ink and watercolor on paper. Signed "Pascal" lower left. Unframed.
Collage III by Bertrand Dorny
Mixed media collage by the French artist Bertrand Dorny, from 1978 is an abstract expressionist work in earth tones. Displayed in a gold wood frame with white mat. Artwork, 11"L x 15"H.
Still Life by Rita Genet
Geometric watercolor still life by American artist Rita Genet with vibrant patterns and bold shapes that contrast with one another. Solid outlines add to the sense of abstraction. Signed lower right and framed in carved wood with beige mat. Image Size: 20" W x 24" H.
Fall Landscape by Mary Kelsey
Watercolor landscape in autumn with a field of trees in various colors. Painted circa 1965 by artist Mary Kelsey (American, b. 1949). Displayed in a giltwood frame with an off-white mat. Paper size, 16"H x 22"W.
M Day 12/10 Etching by Elaine Breiger
Etching with aquatint of an abstract work which combines solid color fields with patterned sections by American artist Elaine Breiger, from 1970. Signed and titled in pencil. Edition: 15. Image, 20"L x 18"H.
Trees in Park by Dimitrie Berea
Marker on paper drawing of trees in a park, an impressionist cityscape, likely in France by the Romanian artist Dimitrie Berea, circa 1960. Signed and dated lower left. Artwork size on paper: 13"W x 9.5"H. Unframed.
Eve (Pink) by Roy Ahlgren
American artist Roy Ahlgren depicts "Eve" as a laughing woman, head thrown back and eyes closed, in bright pink with marks of blue and purple in her hair. Ahlgren was a self-taught artist, known for his work in geometric design. This silkscreen is signed and numbered in pencil. Edition: AP. Unframed.
Fisherman's Cove by Junnis
Modern black-and-white oil painting of docked fishing boats. Displayed in a thin black and gold wood frame. Signed lower left.
Hudson-Animar Valley by Bill Sullivan
In this seascape, the water's texture and mixture of pastel pinks and rich blues act as a counter to the clear blue tones of the sky. The colors in this piece have been altered, which creates an interesting combination of realistic scene with unrealistic coloring. American artist Bill Sullivan is dedicated to depicting landscapes, going from South America to the Hudson River Valley. This lithograph is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 200. Unframed.
The Old Sawmill at Westminster, Vermont
Landscape filled with autumn colors and an old sawmill in Westminster, Vermont. Signed lower right and verso by American artist Wally Ames. Unframed.
Leopard by Marshall Goodman
Watercolor on paper by American artist Marshall Goodman, a leopard on a rock probably at a New York City zoo in vibrant tones of yellow, blue and purple. Unframed.
Les Filets, Normandie by L. M. Salinas
Painting of a sailboat in the harbor by Laurent Marcel Salinas (Egyptian-French, 1913-2010), signed lower left. Painted circa 1950. Unframed.
Blue Goddesses by Barooshian
Abstract work by the American artist Martin Barooshian (1929 - ). This painting features a collaged printing plate affixed to the canvas, the printing plate itself was used to create a printed work by Barooshian likely in the early 1980s. The artwork features goddesses and abstract style text at the bottom in blue. Unframed.
Two Ducks & Pillows by Hunt Slonem
With a "double decoy" of ducks in the front, American artist Hunt Slonem fills the rest of this still life with an array of pillows featuring textiles and images from around the world. Slonem is a neo-expressionist artist, best known for incorporating mysticism, animal motifs, and multicultural symbols into his works. This serigraph is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 250, AP 30. Unframed.
Abstract Portrait by Zoltan Hecht
Mixed media collage with japon paper and acrylic paint of a woman in neutral tones by the American artist Zoltan Hecht, from 1962. Signed and dated lower right. Displayed in a wood frame with gold bevel with brown mat. Image, 18.5"L x 24.5"H.
Martha's Vineyard by Giselle Fabian
Folk art image of boats sailing around a lighthouse on a sunny day, by artist Giselle Fabian. A serigraph from an edition of 50 artist proofs, signed and numbered by the artist. Unframed.
Nature Morte by L.M. Salinas
Modern cubist watercolor and gouache still life painting of bread and pitchers titled "Nature Morte" by Laurent Marcel Salinas (Egyptian-French, 1913-2010). Signed and dated 1949. Unframed.
Vernell Violeta 4 by Pere Puiggros
"Vernell Violeta 4" is an etching in a series titled "Enganxat Oual Groc" by Spanish artist Pere Puiggros from 1977. Each piece in this series features a horizontal oval, but vary in texture and color. This composition has a frenetic quality, with chaotic lines of color overlapping the edges and black squiggles in the interior. Puiggros enjoyed an international career as an artist from 1970 until he retired in the mid-1990s. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 7/25. Unframed.
Navaho by Dehner
A silkscreen entitled "Navaho" by Dorothy Dehner (1901 - 1994). Hand-signed, titled and numbered from the edition of 200 in pencil. Unframed.
Glens by Tighe O'Donoghue
Etching with aquatint by the American artist Tighe O'Donoghue printed circa 1985. This print is a conceptual piece of a mountain glen juxtaposed with a planetary orbit. Signed in pencil by the artist from an edition of 75. Unframed.
City Street Construction & Stop Light
American city street watercolor of a construction site and stoplight by Eve Nethercott, American (b. 1925), painted circa 1960. Unframed.
Hilluwl #5 by Warren Wolf
Large oil and marble dust on Masonite painting by American artist Warren Wolf, painted in 1995. This geometric abstract painting that shimmers with the use of marble dust. The split-complementary colors of blue, orange, and purple offer a strong visual contrast.
Blumenstrauss in Vase by Probst
A painting by the German artist, Rudolf Probst, circa 1940, which shows still life with Gerbera daisies against a muted brown background. The vibrant colors and balanced compositional arrangement add to this well executed painting. Signed lower right. Image, 24"W x 29"H.
Geometric Forest by Leonard
Geometric oil painting of trees in the forefront of rolling hills or mountains. Painted circa 1965 by John F. Leonard, American (1921-1987). Displayed in a natural cherrywood frame.
Sitting Room Lithograph by Arthur Seiden
Lithographic portrait of a woman seated in an interior by Arthur Seiden. Signed and numbered in pencil from 1979. Unframed.
Wheatbelt Serigraph by Patricia Sussman
Serigraph of barns and buildings in this farm landscape, titled "Wheat Belt" by the artist Patricia Sussman, printed in 1979. Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Edition: HC. Image, 18" x 24."
Still Life with Plate Watercolor
Watercolor on paper of an impressionist still life with ceramics by the American artist Eve Nethercott, from 1957. Nethercott's softened brushstrokes in the background create a sense of atmosphere. Dated lower right and upper left.
Tree Trunks by Arthur Werger
Etching of tree trunks by American artist Arthur Werger. In this black-and-white artwork, twisting trees in the heart of forest cast shadows onto large boulders. The image showcases how etching allows for the artist to employ a variety of line work. For instance Werger's use of multiple shading techniques from cross-hatching to stippling. This etching is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: AP I/V. Unframed.
Pink Flamingos Watercolor by Gatto
Watercolor of a modern depiction of pink flamingos in a rural landscape by the American artist Victor Joseph Gatta, circa 1960. Signed "V.J." lower left. Displayed in a gold wood frame with white mat. Image size, 5" x 4.5".
Old Mill Watercolor by James Feriola
Watercolor on paper of a landscape with an old mill by the American artist James Feriola. Feriola's loose brushstrokes create a sense of atmosphere. Signed in black ink lower left.
Norfolk Terrier by Rex Flood
Pencil drawing of a Norfolk Terrier by Rex Flood. Signed by the artist. Rex Flood is a British native and fond of drawing portraits of dogs. He also paints a variety of wildlife from around the world, from farm animals to the Sahara. Unframed.
Irises by Charles Blaze Vukovich
Floral still life by Charles Blaze Vukovich (1918-1986) in pale lilac against greens and blues. Framed in carved, whitewashed wood. Signed and dated in the lower right.
European Cathedral by Dimitrie Berea
Ink on paper drawing by the Romanian artist Dimitrie Berea, circa 1960, is an impressionistic drawing of a church, perhaps a cathedral. Neutral tones add a sense of tranquility to the scene. Signed lower right. Unframed.
Series 1 by Ilya Bolotowsky
Vertical composition of bold red and pale blue by Russian-born artist Ilya Bolotowsky (1907-1981). Bolotowsky was a member of "The Ten" artists who dissented from the strict standards of Academy tradition to create his own works that used geometric patterns and primary colors, as seen here in this silkscreen work. Created circa 1970, it is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 125. Unframed.
Portrait of a Girl by Ramon Santiago
A portrait of a girl with piercing green eyes and voluminous blonde hair by Ramon Santiago (1943-2001). Painted in 1970, this oil on board artwork showcases Santiago's figurative style of dream-like, luminous faces with porcelain skin. His work is characterized by a modern-goth aesthetic with a flair for drama and fantasy. This painting is signed and dated on the lower center. Unframed.
Vase of Flowers by Eve Nethercott
Still life of flowers watercolor painting by the American artist Eve Nethercott from 1948. Unframed.
Snowy Woodstock by Lillis
Watercolor painting of a snowy forest landscape in Woodstock, New York. Signed in pencil lower left by American artist Sandy Lillis. Unframed.
Relaxing Leopard by Caroline Schultz
A leopard relaxing in a field of grass by Caroline Schultz. This is a lithograph produced in the late 1970s. Signed and numbered by the artist from an edition of 300. Unframed.
Spring Flower Garden
An oil painting of a group of spring flowers in pinks and whites by Russian Artist, V. Megkov. Signed and dated lower right. Unframed.
Still Life w/ Flowers by F. Weber
Oil on board still life by artist F. Weber featuring a beautiful teal glass vase with white and dark violet flowers. Signed lower left and displayed in carved wood frame. Image size: 16" W x 23" H.
California Coast by D. Schwartz
A lithograph on paper by Davis Schwartz (American, 1897-1969) of the California coast, printed in 1941. The signature is in the printing and it is framed in a dark wood frame with an off-white mat.
Girl w/ Doll by Bahunek
Oil on canvas portrait of a girl holding her doll. Painted in 1992 by Croatian folk artist Branko Bahunek, (b. 1935). Unframed.
Sailboat Race Double-Sided Watercolor
Colorful double-sided watercolor painting of a sailboat race by J. Gordon Carr (American 1907-1983), circa 1970. Signed by the artist "J. Gordon Carr" lower right. Carr, whose specialty was interior design, was responsible for the interiors of such New York buildings as the J. C. Penney Building, at the Avenue of the Americas and 52nd Street. Unframed.
Forest Path by Hagerman
Watercolor illustration of tree-lined forest path by T. Hagerman, painted in 1899. Paper size, 11"H x 23"W.
Girl with Bonnet
A pastel on paper portrait of a young woman with a large bonnet. Drawn by American artist Thomas Strickland, circa 1970. Unframed.
Thomas & Ann, Self-Portrait
Pastel on paper drawing of the artist and his wife by American artist Thomas Strickland, circa 1970. Seated in an interior together with Ann playing guitar, this work is rendered in a soft impressionistic style. Signed upper right in red. Unframed.
Jackson Square, New Orleans by Seidel
Gelatin silver print of Jackson Square, New Orleans, by American artist Mitchell Seidel, from between 1987-1990. Louisiana. The square was designed by the architect Louis H. Pillé after the Place des Vosges in Paris, France. Displayed in thin black wood frame with white mat. Signed in marker. Photograph size, 13"W x 8.5"H.
Dutch Seaside by Van Hoom
Oil painting of the Dutch coast by noted Dutch artist Ludwig Hermann van Hoom (1812-1881). Signed "van Hoom" lower left. Displayed in an ornate carved giltwood frame. Board, 18"L x 10"H.
Positano by Winthrop Neilson
Watercolor of sea cliffs by the American artist Winthrop Neilson,1962. Signed and dated lower right. Image, 13"W x 9"H.
Berlin by Risaburo Kimura
A modernist depiction of Berlin, rendered by Japanese artist Risaburo Kimura in 1973. This was part of a series of images Kimura did of the major metropolitan cities of the world, capturing each city both in its architecture and also its unique character.This silkscreen on BFK Rives is signed, titled, and numbered in pencil. Edition: 250, AP 20. Printed by Shorewood Atelier. Published by Shorewood Publishers. Unframed.
An original watercolor painting of a sunflower in a vase by Charles Blaze Vukovich (1918 - 1986). Unframed.
Green Farms by Ronald Julius Christensen
Oil painting by Ronald Julius Christensen (1923-1999) of sprawling farmlands rendered in vibrant greens and blues, circa 1975. Christensen was an American artist who established himself as a printmaker, painter, and muralist in New England. His works are filled with electric floral motifs, making for bright and beautiful compositions that blend still life, landscape and abstract. This oil on Masonite painting is signed on the lower right and displayed in a silver wood frame.
The Park by Rock
Oil painting by an unknown artist, circa 1940. A landscape depicting a peaceful forest path through trees alongside a pond. Golden rays of sunlight illuminate the foliage. Signed "Rock" on lower left and framed in an ornate carved gold leaf wood frame. Canvas size, 32"L x 22"H.
Composition with Sun
Marker on canvas drawing by an unknown artist, circa 1940. A multicolored abstraction of geometric shapes and lines done with gestural, stylistically blurred lines. Displayed in elegant black lacquer wood frame. Canvas size, 24"L x 20"H.
La Seine by Marie Sardim
Turkish-American artist Marie Sardim presents a view of Notre Dame from banks of the Seine in this original painting from the 1970s. This oil on canvas work is signed on the lower right.Canvas Size: 20 x 24 inches (50.8 x 60.96 cm). Displayed in a brown and white wood frame with white and brown bevel.
Tropical Plants by Harold Wallerstein
German-born artist Harold Wallerstein depicts tropical plants in a vibrant array, with some defined leaves blurring with bursts of color. Wallerstein has spent his career in America, and mainly works in watercolor. This original watercolor was made in 1983, and is signed on the lower right. Unframed.
Summer Pond by John Healy
A landscape serigraph by John Healy, circa 1980. Depicts a serene bank-side landscape of a pond and forest in cool greens and blues. Signed and numbered by the artist from the artist's proof edition of 30. Unframed.
The Old In & Out by Ray Elman
Part abstract, part conceptual, this black-and-white serigraph by Ray Elman presents thick black lines against a collage of data. The text reads various "high" and "low" readings, organized by day of the week and time. Elman has been a member of the Provincetown Art Colony since 1970. This serigraph was created in 1979, and is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 160. Unframed.
Paris Street Scene by Jean Claude Picot
Serigraph by French artist Jean Claude Picot of a rainy day on the streets of Paris, where pedestrians with umbrellas pass by La Madeleine Church. The piece is typical of Picot's style, Post-Impressionist and full of color. Signed in pencil. Framed in black wood with a gray mat and purple bevel.
Turquoise Nude by Laurent Marcel Salinas
Gouache painting of a seated nude woman with accents of turquoise from 1949 by French artist Laurent Marcel Salinas. Salinas was also a famous lithographer, known in particular for his Picasso lithographs. Signed and dated on the lower right. Unframed.
Flowers III Watercolor by Nethercott
Watercolor painting of a bouquet of flowers by the American artist Eve Nethercott. Dated lower and upper right. Unframed.
Seated Woman Watercolor by Nethercott
Watercolor on paper by the American artist Eve Nethercott, from 1950, is an impressionist portrait of a young woman in neutral tones. Nethercott's softened brushstrokes create a sense of atmosphere. Dated upper left and lower right.
Peaceful Image by Norio Azuma
Serigraph on canvas by the Japanese artist Norio Azuma, circa 1970, is a geometric abstract in grey with brightly colored squares. Signed lower right. Edition: 45.
Shakespeare Bust
Elegant bronze bust of William Shakespeare with patina. The head and shoulders of the famous playwright sit atop a fixed pedestal. Small signature on the back.
Model in Bathing Suit
Gelatin silver print of a model in a bathing suit in a modern interior by the fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Original photograph taken circa 1940, reprinted circa 1985. Unframed and Unsigned. Image, 11"H x 14"L.
Dry Daisy by Paul Arthur Jansen
Lithograph of a withering daisy by Paul Arthur Jansen, from 1979. Signed and numbered in pencil. Edition: 225. Unframed.
Textile from Visual Chemistry Portfolio
Digital print by Carol Bouyoucos from the 1989 Visual Chemistry Portfolio of a textile abstract work in vivid colors. These Visual Chemistry prints were some of the first works created entirely with computers. Signed and numbered in pencil lower right. Edition: 1/10. Displayed in a thin, light natural wood frame with white mat. Image, 25"W x 14"H.
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit
Oil on canvas still life with flowers, gold vase, and fruit by American artist Adela Smith Lintelmann. Framed in a gold wood frame with a gold bevel and linen mat.
Balcony View Watercolor by Nethercott
Watercolor on paper of a balcony view in the fall by the American artist Eve Nethercott. Nethercott's softened brushstrokes create a sense of atmosphere. Dated upper left.
Ballet Dancer by Ari Harpaz
A ballet dancer gingerly laces her pointe shoe in this pastel on paper drawing by Ari Harpaz (1941-2008) from the mid-1970s. The background is in red and dark tones, making the black-and-white dancer pop on the page. Harpaz was a Romanian-Israeli artist and went on to have a career working alongside artists like Sandu Liberman and Louis Montoya in realism and fantastic surrealism styles. Signed on the lower right. Framed in varnished red wood under Plexiglas. Paper: 25"L x 19"W.
Sound of Summer by Jack Brusca
Beige and brown shapes jumble across the canvas in this serigraph by Jack Brusca. The blending of the brown tones gives a sense of depth and shape to the various cylindrical and spherical components, which contrasts with the background of solid blue. An American artist, Jack Brusca (1937-1993) uses the geometric art style to create a sense of depth and dimension, showing a keen understanding of space and color. This serigraph is signed and numbered in pencil. Edition: 200, AP 30. Unframed.
Rocks and Lighthouse by Eve Nethercott
Momentous rocks take up most of the composition with a lighthouse to the right in the distance by artist Eve Nethercott. Unframed.
Autun by Eve Nethercott
Ink and watercolor painting of a bakery with a lone bicycle parked outside in Autun, France by Eve Nethercott (1925 - 2015), circa 1955. Nethercott was an American watercolorist who painted in the Impressionist style. Unframed. Slight damage on upper corners.
Notre Dame by Lloyd Lozes Goff
Lithograph of an Expressionist-style depiction of Notre Dame and the surrounding area by American artist Lloyd Lozes Goff, 1979. Signed and numbered in pencil. Edition: 300, AP 30. Image soze, 25"L x 19"H; overall, 28"L x 23"H. Unframed.
Forest Path by T. Hagerman
Watercolor of a forest stream by T. Hagerman, painted in 1899. Framed in a silver wood frame with a white mat. Paper size, 23"L x 11"H; overall, 32.5"L x 20"H.
Black Sky by Seong Moy
Abstract artist Seong Moy presents a collage of various patterns and forms in this serigraph from circa 1980. Born in China, Moy (1921-2013) moved to Minnesota as the age of 12, eventually becoming a skilled printmaker and artist. He has gone on to teach at major universities across America, and has won awards such as the Guggenheim Fellowship. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition: AP 35. Unframed.
Six Rectangles by Dimitri Petrov
Dimitri Petrov, an American Dada-Surrealist artist, presents an untitled abstract composition in this lithograph from the mid-1970s. The six rectangular forms of red, blue, yellow and black stand out against the pastel pink background. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition: AP 48. Unframed
Hieroglyphics by Rita Simon
A serigraph by American artist Rita Simon from 1979. An inset image features a small, photographic scene that mirrors the larger abstract composition of the background. Simon is greatly influenced by the fantasy landscapes of dreams, defying gravity with her abstract compositions rendered in bright, surreal colors. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition size: AP 30. Unframed.
West Wind I by James Hussey
The sea is placid in this James Hussey lithograph from 1984 entitled "West Wind I." A lone palm tree obscures an azure sky, while in the distance one can see a slight gray-blue land mass. This lithograph is signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 175. Unframed.
Angel More by Robert Indiana
Pop Art lithograph on arches paper from the Mother of Us All series titled "Angel More" by the American artist Robert Indiana, from 1977. Signed and numbered in pencil. Edition: 150. Printer: Fernand Mourlot, Paris, Publisher: Leon Amiel, New York, Ref: Sheehan 108.
Notre Dame I by Graves
Pedestrians walk the streets outside of Notre Dame in this oil painting from the 1970s by Graves. Painting in the impressionist style, the church looms in the background, its spire touching the top of the canvas. In the foreground, Parisians go about their day, strolling down the boulevard. This oil on canvas work is signed on the lower right, and is offered in a gold wood frame.
Tomato Still Life by Lynne Emerich
Still life of tomatoes in a modern American folk art style by Lynne Emerich. Oil painting on board with collage elements. Displayed in a gray-and-gold wood frame with a white mat and gold bevel. Signed and dated 1978 on the lower right.
Boats by Laurent Marcel Salinas
Oil on canvas painting of three boats docked in port by Laurent Marcel Salinas (French, 1913-2010). Salinas was a famous lithographer, known in particular for his Picasso lithographs. Signed on the lower left. Unframed.
Dark Portrait by Remo Farruggio
This dark and brooding portrait of a woman was painted by Italian-American artist Remo Farruggio. Oil on canvas work, created in 1976. Unframed.
Portrait of Two in Blue by Vick Vibha
Two faces emerge from blue in this lithograph by Vick Vibha. The faces look forlorn, and the black squiggles above their heads express chaotic thoughts. This emotional portrayal is furthered by the abstraction of their features. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition: AP 15. Unframed.
Tropical Scene by Luis Rivera
"Tropical Scene" by Luis Rivera, a whimsical landscape painting full exotic birds and plants. The colors alone make this scene the stuff of fantasy, but Rivera furthers its naive surrealism by playing with scale, making some of the flowers as big as jungle cats. Born in Chile, Rivera is based in Brazil and has spent large amounts of time in the Amazonian jungles, trekking for artistic inspiration. This acrylic on canvas work is signed on the lower right. Unframed.
Portrait of Sally Rowe McCune by Graves
Portrait of Sally Rowe McCune by Albert Melville Graves. Displayed in a gold wood frame with acanthus leaves detailing the corners. Against a brown, ambiguous background, Miss McCune dons a pair of thin-wire glasses, her hair neatly arranged into an updo. Underneath a black jacket is a nicely embroidered bodice, a white high-collared blouse, and a gold chain. Albert Melville Graves was a portrait painter active from around the 1880s to 1950.
Rockport Coastline Watercolor
Watercolor on paper of an impressionist coastal scene in Rockport by the American artist Eve Nethercott, from 1948. Nethercott's softened brushstrokes create a sense of atmosphere.
Purple Majesty Photograph by DeCamp
Mountain-landscape photograph with ranges of metallic purple stone, plains of vibrant pink, and tranquil skies overhead by Michael DeCamp. Photograph, signed, and numbered. Edition: 50. Unframed.
Sundance by Jean Richardson
Aquatint etching on paper titled "Sundance" by American artist Jean Richardson, 1989. The artist believes horses capture the true essence of motion and energy, taking the image of a horse and abstracting it into a symbol. Richardson is known for her large-scale horse abstracts, often using jewel tones as seen here. Signed and numbered in pencil, edition: 150. Unframed.
Veduto del Tempio ottangolare di Minerva
The full name of this work is "Veduto del Tempio ottangolare di Minerva Medica" which translates to "View of the octagonal Temple of Minerva Medica." This etching by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1788) shows a ruin of a building, overrun with vines and exposed to the elements. To show a relative size of the structure, two figures stand in the foreground. Displayed in a silver wood frame with a beige mat. Image size, 18" x 27.5".
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