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Personalized Storage

Storage boxes can be more than merely utilitarian. By adding hardware that complements your decor, these everyday objects instantly become a style statement.

What You’ll Need:

  • Drawer pulls or knobs with accompanying screws (we experimented with four styles: campaign hardware, Lucite, geodes, and blue glass)
  • Fiberboard storage boxes
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A drill or an awl

Choose the hardware that suits your style.Lucite handles add a bit of glamour to your bedroom. (And these are stick-on!)Geode-inspired pulls bring an organic element to a man-made accessory.Colored glass pulls give your storage system vintage appeal.

How To:

1. Using a ruler, center hardware on the front of the box. With a pencil, mark the position where the screws for the drawer pull or knob will live.

2. Drill or poke screw holes into the box with a small drill bit or an awl.

3. Attach the pull or knob onto the box just as you would on a cabinet or drawer.

Tip: The screws that came with our campaign hardware were a bit short. To remedy this, we bought 6/32 x 3/4 slotted, round-head machine screws with hex nuts in a matching brass finish.

Sources: boxes by Bigso Box of Sweden; campaign hardware from Paxton Furniture; lucite stick-on pulls from The Paris Apartment; geode and blue glass knobs from Anthropologie; screws from Nut House Hardware

“When grouped together, these stylish storage boxes can mimic the look of a piece of furniture. ”
—Megan Pflug, stylist

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