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A Stylish Storage Box Upgrade

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I am constantly searching for ways to elevate everyday objects. So, when challenged to make getting organized a more attractive proposition, I decided to hone in on the useful but woefully anonymous storage box. With just a bit of easy customizing, you can transform this organizing ally into an object that also reflects your decor’s personality. I opted for campaign-style hardware, but this project would work just as well with a variety of other hardware styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment to achieve the look that’s right for you.

See below for my step-by-step guide to this project… 

What You’ll Need:

Drawer pulls
Machine screws with hex nuts (in a finish to match your pulls)
Fiberboard storage boxes
Ruler (not pictured)
Flat-head screwdriver
Utility knife
Fine-tooth handsaw
Drill (not pictured)
Poster board or thin cardboard (cut to size)

Prep the Box

1. With a pencil and a ruler, mark where you want to place the hardware, and draw a rectangle slightly smaller that the faceplate. The hardware I used required a little extra cut out on three sides in order to fit properly.
Note: I used the back of my box, as the front had a label holder attached to it. However, you could also cut around the label holder and use that side if your chosen hardware is big enough and you like the placement.

2. Using a fine-tooth saw, cut out the shape.

Position the Parts

3. Position the hardware so that the faceplate is flush with the front. If your chosen hardware has a protruding back as mine did, that part of it should fit snugly inside the cut hole.
Note: You may have to go back and tweak your cuts to get the fit just right.

4. Using a utility knife and a ruler, cut a piece of poster board to size (ours was 6 3/4″ by 9″).

5. Insert the cut piece of board so that it fits flush on the inside of the box. The piece will conceal the back of the hardware and provide a solid surface to anchor your screws to.

Screw in Place

6. Drill or poke screw holes into the box and the backing board with a small drill bit or a long, sharp object.

7. Attach the screws and secure them with nuts on the inside of the box.

Tip: The screws that came with the campaign hardware I chose were a bit short, so I bought 6-32 x 3/4 slotted, round-head machine screws with hex nuts in a matching brass finish. However, the screws that come with the hardware you choose may work just fine. The important thing is to find a screw that won’t stick out too far and impede use.

Sources: boxes by Bigso Box of Sweden; campaign hardware from Paxton Furniture

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