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Alessandra Branca

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Photo by Joshua McHugh

Photo by Joshua McHugh

My Style

If I Weren’t a Decorator, I Would Be a… School teacher

Most Inspired By: People who do what they believe in and are passionate about!

Style Icon: Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto

Hostess Gift: Homemade biscotti


AlbumRed Hot and Blue or Viva la Vida

Museum: Palazzo Altemps in Rome and The Isabella Stuart Gardner in Boston

Cocktail: Negroni

Restaurant: Le Petrelle in Paris or Pierluigi in Rome

Hotel: Too many to choose just one!

Flower: Peony



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Florist: Costco roses arranged simply in a great antique vase.

Caterer: A home-cooked meal any day.

Favorite Local Shop: Any small boutique in any town…with original and personal selections by the owner.

Favorite Shop Abroad: Grand Bazaar in Istanbul



Favorite Paint Color: Custom red lacquer

Favorite Room to Decorate: Libraries closely folllowed by bedrooms

Favorite Pattern: Palampore Tree of Life or Fortuny Medici

Decorating Cheap Thrill: Inexpensive accessories

Favorite Decorating Trick: Bamboo shades

You’ll Never See Me Using: Too much of anything but great quality!

Photo by Joshua McHugh

Photo by Joshua McHugh

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Join the Discussion

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  1. Nancy Whitehead says:

    The Eternal City Rome can not hold a candle to Florence and I have been to both of them. Florence has The Academy with the magnificent statue of The David in such smooth glissening white marble it just takes your breath away when you stand next to it and marvel at the skill of Michelangelo and the smoothness of the pristine white marble.. If you are going to study any of the Arts The Academy is the place to go but first you would need to learn Italian…lol Italy has so many famous and beautiful cities and each is known for it’s Art Speciality. Italy is like Greece home of beauty of our souls and refinements. Whch is reflected in her stunning decoration skills….Bravo Alexandra you are a real winner in your field……l

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