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Arrangement of the Month:
Grocery Store Blooms

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For this month’s arrangement, in-house stylist and floral designer Meghan Guthrie wanted to challenge herself to use only grocery store flowers. “I wanted to start the month (and year!) off with a budget-friendly idea, so I decided to look to the less expensive flowers at the grocery store,” Meghan says. “I gave myself a $40 budget and went with a plan to choose flowers in a tight palette—white and pink. It’s an easy way to pull together flowers that don’t naturally go together.” Scroll down for the how-to.

What you’ll need:

  • A mix of white and pink flowers (we chose amaryllis, roses, carnations, tulips, baby’s breath) and winter greenery
  • Flower shears
  • Thorn strippers
  • Pennies
  • Vase or any container of your choice (ours is actually a candleholder)
  • Flower frog

Getting started:
1. Pick out a flower that will be the main focus in the arrangement. “The best seasonal choice at the store was amaryllis, so I went with that,” says Meghan. “Then I chose a variety of white and pink flowers to complement the amaryllis shape.”
2. Pick out a few sprigs of fir, pine, or other winter greenery.
3. Use the thorn stripper to pull off excess leaves at the bottom of all the stems.
4. Place the flower frog into the vase and fill it with water. The frog will sink to the bottom and keep all the stems in place. Be sure to use a frog that matches the size of your vase or container.

Making the bouquet:
1. Start by arranging the tallest greens in the center of the vase. “The best approach is to keep the greens loose and not too dense,” Meghan says.
2. Trim the stem of your main flower and add it to the center. We placed our amaryllis so that the flower is about 1″ above the rim of the vase to make it stand out.

3. Add the white flowers, arranging them around the main bloom in clusters. “I paired up a few white roses with carnations and placed them together in the front, side, and the back,” Meghan explains. “This keeps the amaryllis as the focus but makes sure the eye doesn’t just stop in one place.”
4. Finally, add the baby’s breath and pink flowers, and use them to fill out the bouquet. “Tulips look great with a little bit of stem showing and they bend nicely, so I put them in the front,” Meghan says.

Other Great Grocery Store Flowers:

  • Classic roses are always a good choice in a bouquet as their shapes go with everything. Not to mention they always smell amazing.
  • Carnations come in great colors and are long-lasting and sturdy. Try them with roses or peonies.
  • Stargazer lilies look great by themselves or with simple greens. Just don’t forget to pull off the stamens, which will stain anything they come into contact with.
  • Tulips are also great by themselves, especially en masse. Whenever you use tulips, add a few pennies to your vase, which are said to keep them alive longer.


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