Arrangement of the Month: October

Celebrate the change of seasons with a gorgeous centerpiece that’s sure to spice up any table.

As a nod to harvest season, in-house stylist and floral designer Meghan Guthrie went with a beautiful centerpiece made up of fall’s bounty in lieu of a composed or formal arrangement this month. “Nature is starting to fade in most parts of the country, and the lovely colors here celebrate this gorgeous moment in time.”

Here are a few simple arranging tips from Meghan for this elegant centerpiece made up of seasonal gourds, fruits, and flowers.

Start with a holder. Meghan suggests using a tray to “contain” the tablescape. “If you don’t have one big enough, a butcher block works great. A large piece of slate can also be a unique surface, which is what I used.”

Pick out unusual shapes and colors. “Go for the unexpected,” Meghan urges. “I went with bluish-green and pale orange gourds, gigantic pink dahlias, and yellow quince, which is vibrant and gives off a delicious scent.” What’s important is to mix different fruits and gourds. “You can use different shapes of squash, small pumpkins, and green artichokes you find at your local store or market,” she says.

Arrange around two objects. “Choose two focal points and then build around them, making sure to alternate size and shape,” she says. “In my case, I chose the green and orange pumpkins as my focal points and worked outward, adding an apple, a knobby gremlin gourd, purple artichoke and mango, and persimmons.”

Finish with unique items. “The ends should cascade into a tapering shape,” Meghan says. “I put Concord grapes on one end and a large dahlia with the stem intact on the other.” She recommends checking out a local farmers’ market, which may yield more-interesting finds for berries, fruits, and flowers than a regular grocery store.

Floral Kit: Above are the elements of our centerpiece to help you make one of your own.

“These lovely colors celebrate this gorgeous moment in time.”
—Meghan Guthrie, stylist