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Room Crush: A Bedroom That’s an Elegant Escape

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 Why It Works

A pared-down palette tempers the theatricality of the four-poster canopy bed, creating a space that is equal parts serene and dramatic. While all the pieces are ones you’d expect to find in a bedroom—headboard, bedside tables, lamps, bench—each features dramatic or exotic details that when combined add up to a truly dreamy room to retreat to at the end of the day.


Our Favorite Part

Without a doubt the German-silver canopy bed, with embroidered drapes to enhance the cocoon-y feel, is the feature we can’t get over. It’s the perfect reminder of the impact this style of bed can have. Although in this instance the height of the bed’s frame serves to accentuate the tall ceilings, a canopy bed in a small space where it all but touches the walls and ceiling can transform a shoe box into a jewel box.

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5 Decorating Ideas to Steal

1. Symmetry is always a safe bet when buying pieces to go on either side of the bed, so double up.
2. The bedroom is an ideal place to use treasured textiles, whether hanging behind the bed or stitched into a custom canopy (something your dry cleaner can likely tackle).
3. Add easy-to-reach task lighting in addition to table lamps.
4. Decorative mirrors can bring just as much visual interest to your walls as art.
5. A white headboard combined with white bedding looks great, and together they equal an oasis of calm.

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One Response to “Room Crush: A Bedroom That’s an Elegant Escape”

  1. Nancy Whitehead says:

    Where did you find this fabulous bed? I spent over three days going through catalogues online looking for this type of four poster bed. Not easy to find. Even Karges does not make one nor Kindle, Baker, etc etc not even Council so unless you are looking for a simple contemporary four poster you are out of luck. I did find one at Lillian August nut I was not interested in a mirrored finish. It appears I am going to have to design one myself and have it custom made even though I am willing to pay for a high quality product one can no longer be found.Most antique beds are a full size and I am looking at a Queen which is also at these high end furniture companies no longer offer in Queen size with available traditional four posters. This surprised me as a retired designer I never thought i would see the day it became hard to find this type of article for a designer except to go the custom route…Thought to post here because you ca tell these high end furniture companies to start to design Campaign furniture once again because I love it myself as a Classic and once it comes online here it is gobbled up before I can lay my hands on it. This furniture should be telling these furniture companies something……young professionals like traditional, transitional furnishings that stand the test of time….

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