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Tastemakers Sound Off on the Best Design Books

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 Kelly Wearstler’s Pick: Horst: Interiors

“The interiors are so iconic and the people so cool and stylish. He taught me that the home should represent the person living in it—and that design is all about taking risks. There is so much soul and cool factor with the fashion, the personalities, the interiors, the art, just everything. You want to live that life.”

 Alexa Hampton’s Pick: Billy Baldwin Decorates

“If you want to know about the genesis of modern-day American design, with its emphasis on comfort, practicality, and freshness, Billy Baldwin Decorates is your book. All American design can be traced back through to our Adam (Billy Baldwin) or Eve (Elsie de Wolfe), and this book shows why. And of course I would and do recommend my father’s book [Mark Hampton on Decorating] to all!”

Darryl Carter’s Pick: Albert Hadley

“Early in my career I had the good fortune to be seated at a dinner next to the late, extraordinarily great Albert Hadley. I hung onto his every word… there’s nothing like meeting an author before you read his book. His gift was his absolute dexterity in the appropriate execution of so many different design venues. This man was the definition of talent and integrity.”


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