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We’re Currently Loving: Coastal Blue Rooms

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Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

If the proportions of your dining room are meant for the stage, a coat of green-blue will be your ticket. Even if you don’t have traditional white moldings as an accent, this unexpected hue pairs perfectly with purplish (from beet to orchid) upholstery and blooms. Another tip: Because there is so much range in this wall color, sheer window treatments allow the light to transform your space from day to night.


 Paint color: Chappell Green from Farrow & Ball (don’t let the name fool you!)

Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Photography by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

When dared to dream, we conjure up ideas of our perfect bedroom. Of course that bedroom comes complete with a reading nook and a chaise longue, right? Here a slate blue cloaks the bedroom in a soothing haze accentuated by a creamy fireplace certainly worthy to write home about.


 Paint color: Donald Kaufman’s DKC-19

Photography by Annie Schlechter/GMA Images

Photography by Annie Schlechter/GMA Images

What could have been a white box has been completely transformed into an inviting space in which to cook and entertain thanks to a few coats of paint on the cabinetry and graphic wallpaper to complement the vibrant tone. What we love most is that both treatments are completely doable in a rental space, allowing you to infuse a serious dose of your own personality into a less permanent dwelling.


Cabinet paint color: Benjamin Moore’s Hemlock

Photography by Andrew Arthur

Photography by Andrew Arthur

Perhaps our favorite application of blue interiors comes from this 19th-century manse in New Orleans, belonging to editor Sarah Costello. There is a supremely classical element to the execution of this space, perhaps brought on by the 14-feet-tall ceilings but clearly exaggerated by the custom blue swath of the walls. Our takeaway? Pair bronze, copper, or gold (see the mirror and the antique frame) with blue walls; it brings out a warmth similar to a flicker of a flame that makes you feel instantly cozy.

To get the look try a few layers of Gossamer Blue from Benjamin Moore.

Eric Piasecki/OTTO; interior: Timothy Corrigan’s An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce

Eric Piasecki/OTTO; interior: Timothy Corrigan’s An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce

When decorator Timothy Corrigan appointed this unabashedly romantic bathroom, we imagine he envisioned it as a place for two to catch up at the end of the day. While most of us may not have a French chậteau that boasts herringbone wood floors and a claw-foot tub, a coat of serene blue paint just may make a bathroom a most fitting place to soak it all in.


 Paint color: Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball

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30 Responses to “We’re Currently Loving: Coastal Blue Rooms”

  1. Gina Fagnani says:

    Love those shades! They compliment most room designs and styles. Did my bathroom in a similar color!

  2. Christine Hill says:

    Coincidentally, we just finished painting our bedroom one of these shades. So peaceful and serene!

  3. Irene Madrid says:

    Can one paint over old ( 28 yrs old ) wallpaper effectively with the new paints of today?

    • Sylvia Enid Valentin says:

      I’ve read that yes you can. Just make sure you sand down where the seams are and cover everything with a good primer.

    • Concerned in Arlington says:

      Personally I think it’s a sin to paint wallpaper!!! I’ve removed MANY walls of painted wall paper and it’s a nasty job! But these are old plaster walls… I would take the time to remove it properly!

      • Gloria Sangalli says:

        I agree!!!! And it is a pain to remove…u must take great care to do it right & after removing the walls must be properly attended to & really good primer…it is not a easy job I know,but it pays off!!!!! I would never wallpaper over wallpaper either….if u ever have to remove paper that has been painted or papered over,u will wish u had taken the time to do the job….I have paneling & yes it is a old home..but we primed properly…I love paneling that has been primed & painted over…

    • Sue Ordzowialy says:

      i did. The I had the linen “Texture” wallpaper, It must be cleaned very well in preparation, and can
      not be peeling at the seams. I used the paint with primer in it. I also painted wood paneling. I worried so much about the seams, but it gives the wall texture. Not so boring. Both look great.

      • Augusta Jones says:

        I painted over some wall paper and it did great. I just sanded the seams smooth so they would not show through. I also painted wood paneling (used primer first) now everyone who comes into my house raves about how great it looks. It’s an old house “I love old houses” but now I love it more.

    • chaya says:

      depends on the condition of the wallpaper. if it’s on really tight, seems are tight, then try it

    • Zinfandel says:

      We had 30 year old paper at our cabin. Just couldn’t get a good start to
      peel it off and scraping only took off 2 inches at a time. Tried
      everything, chemicals, steam etc. We decided to paint it. As soon as we
      painted a section the paper fell off the wall.

    • TamLee says:

      I really, really, REALLY wouldn’t. I spent MONTHS removing layer upon layer of painted over wallpaper on 100-year-old walls. It’s a painful task, it damages the plaster/horsehair wall, is a nightmare to repair and clean the walls and then fill, sand, fill, sand. Although it’s a painful task removing wallpaper, since it’s that old it will probably come off easy using DIFF and a scorer. I wouldn’t use steam for fear of what the wall is made of. Might cause a lot more damage.

  4. Sylvia Enid Valentin says:

    I used to have several red walls and the rest was a dark latte – now that we’ve painted everything in a very subtle grayish-aqua the house looks and feels very serene, open and clean.

    • Denise M O'Beid says:

      Grayish aqua sounds nice. I don’t suppose you remember what brand paint and name of the color is….I would appreciate it. Thanks

      • Sylvia Enid Valentin says:

        Yes Denise, I have the paint card in front of me! It is Sea Sprite C61-2 from Olympic Paints

  5. Mark J. MacDonald says:

    One point worth making (I think): if the paper starts to bubble, don’t panic– this side effect will in all probability disappear within a day. Good luck!

    • cynthia curtis says:

      What do you use to prime the walls over the paper, or do you need to mud all over the walls before applying a texture before painting?

  6. Kathy R Frazier says:

    I did paint over the wall paper because the paper was thin & wouldn’t come off. Been years now, still looks great.

  7. Ann Shaw says:

    I have a very small house with an open floor plan and my kitchen dining area can be seen from my living room. I started with a much brighter blue-green color that looked perfect but felt it was too intense and jumped out a bit too much. I ended up backing off on the saturation and ended up using Benjamin Moore Raindance 1572 which appears positively gray on the chip but looks blue-green on the wall but because it has so much gray it is very laid back. I have had many compliments on the color choice and when I show people the chip they can’t believe it is the same color. My dining room has 4 large windows that face east and the kitchen has a window that faces south so both rooms get a lot of morning sun.

  8. These blues are fabulous! And I love the way paint looks on plaster walls–totally different than drywall. I was never thought of myself as a fan of blue, but I’m definitely coming around!

  9. astrodreamer says:

    James McNeil Whistler, The Artist in his Studio, 1866

  10. Richard J says:

    Love all of these rooms – especially want to bathe in TC’s chateau.

  11. pacermathteacher says:

    My house is painted in a shade I call eucalyptus, after the tree outside my window. Looks a lot like these colors.

  12. Judy Davey says:

    Blue greens, teals, Aquas, are my very favorite colors!! So glad there are more things available in those tones now! It’s about time we move on from “earth tones”!

  13. Nancy Babbs says:

    I painted my dining room furniture this beautiful color about five years ago. I have had more compliments than I can count As you can see, it is amazing!

  14. Brenda McDonald says:

    I painted my sunroom Benjamin Moore “Seaglass” with “Opulent White” trim. EVERYONE admires this room…it is very calming and serene. I also wanted this effect in my office space, so reused in this room which gets less light…the effect is subdued and perfect. This is simply a terrific shade of blue.

  15. Sherry Lane says:

    It all looks like robin eggs blue to me ….

  16. Rachel McKendry says:

    Behr’s Dragonfly and Valspar’s La Fonda Villa Fountain are both really nice. They are similar, but Dragonfly is a bit more blue/grey, whereas LFVF is more greenish. My fave is the LFVF.

  17. I used Sherwin Williams Moody Blue in my client’s commercial building. These halls are filled with boutique shops and I love the way the white modern barn doors pop against the color. Compliments the dark laminate flooring too.

  18. Rosie says:

    If you like pale & icy, Sherwin Williams Icelandic Blue …. I have it in guest rooms & attached baths, master bath. Haven’t found a color that doesn’t go with it…. one guest room has warm colors, yellows, corals, greens; another the cool colors. It’s almost neutral…. doesn’t have that “gooey” pastel feel. Also very soothing.

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