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19 Decorating Cheap Thrills Your Wallet Will Love

19 Decorating Cheap Thrills Your Wallet Will Love
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In search of a few effortless, inexpensive ways to quickly switch up your style? We asked top designers for their go-to decorating cheap thrills and received a surprising array of ideas to spice things up. Scroll through for some ridiculously easy (and brilliant) tips sure to liven up your home.

Always, always have fresh flowers. A grouping of small topiaries or orchids on a tray is also a novel way to refresh a room.

— Emma Jane Pilkington
Photo by William Waldron / The Interior Archive

Photo by William Waldron / The Interior Archive

“High-gloss paint on the ceiling to make it look higher.” – Kelly Wearstler

“Dawn Pink Light Bulbs! I absolutely always use them in my home. It’s just a really pale pink light bulb that casts a beautiful, warm glow.”—Brenda Houston

Throws.”—Alexa Hampton

“Flowers and a Diptyque Candle.”  —Ryan Korban

“Patterned paper napkins as last-minute throwaway powder-room hand towels.”—Mary McDonald

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Painting; it’s a lot of look for little money.”—Nathan Turner

An industrial convex mirror over a sofa.”—Vicente Wolf

“Getting rid of tired objects.” —Lauren Geremia

“Lampshades made of pleated, printed Indian cottons.”—Carolina Irving

“Beautifully presented food.” —Paul Wiserman

“My children’s framed artwork.” —Kelly Wearstler

Courtesy of Philip Gorrivan

Courtesy of Philip Gorrivan

A grouping of ceramic vases.

— Jeffrey Alan Marks

Taking everything out of a room and rearranging it completely.”—Bunny Williams

“If the pillows made for your sofa look better on your bed, switch them.”—Kenneth Brown

“Items from nature: rocks, geodes, fossils, etc.”—Sasha Adler and Lauren Gold

“Jet-black taper candles.” —Windsor Smith

“Changing nobs on handles on cupboards can do wonders.”—Erica Tanov

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“Shopping thrift stores in random towns. Discovering that one fun piece in a land of junk is thrilling.”

— Ruthie Sommers

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