The Do-It-All Accessory That EVERYONE Should Own

The Do-It-All Accessory That EVERYONE Should Own
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Some call them pouches, others call them clutches, but we call these zipped wonders absolute must-haves. Once relegated to the inside of purses, where they are total workhorses when it comes to organizing, pouches are now purses in their own right. Among the fashion crowd the pouch is a favored style that pops up time and again during fashion week, hence our obsession. We gathered a few of our favorite styles, plus a few ideas for maximizing this versatile accessory’s full potential. The only question that remains is how many do you need?

Colorful & Cheeky

Chic & Classic

How to Nail the Look

1. Grab-and-Go Clutch
The styles that work best either as full-time clutches or pulling double-duty as organizing pouches in larger bags by day and clutches by night are those with eye-catching details like fringe or a playful pattern. When in doubt, a fun color gives even the simplest of pouches a boost of style.

2. Try a Fold
If you find a pouch that you love but seems a bit too big to function as a clutch, try folding it in half. A lot of clutches are actually intentionally styled that way these days. The only catch is that you’ll have to empty half the contents to make the fold work, so prepare to make some touch choices.

3. The Pouch System
If, like some of us, the inside of your purse or tote is a jumbled mess of tangled headphones, stray business cards, and the like, pouches are a killer organizing strategy. Designate a pouch for each type of content: one for makeup; one for credit cards, money, and stray change; another for everyday essentials such as headphones, hand sanitizer, and the like.

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Join the Discussion

6 Responses to “The Do-It-All Accessory That EVERYONE Should Own”

  1. Beverly Schneider says:

    Where can I find the first fold over clutch shown on the top of the article (reversible camel/black zip top). That’s the one I want,

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes! I too want to know who makes the tan/black fold over bag in the photo. Gorgeous!

  3. Bumbles says:

    I love the fur vest. Will that ever be sold on Kings Lane

  4. Jeanne McGlenister says:

    Fur is gross & hasn’t been fashionable for a very very long time. Makes those foolish enough to wear it look ugly on the inside and out.

  5. Estelle says:

    I also would like to know the brand name of the tan/black fold over bag. Will it be available on One Kings Lane again?
    Also, where is the bracelet from?

    • Susan Benson says:

      Lauren,Beverly, Estelle, I too love the black/tan leather clutch as well as the leather cuff bracelet, shown in the picture above..
      This seems to be the favorite among the remarks below …

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