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Anatomy of a Room: Inside a Dreamy Conservatory

Anatomy of a Room: Inside a Dreamy Conservatory
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Maybe it’s due to spring’s endless abundance of baby blossoms and fresh green growth, but no room better embodies the breezy, effortless vibe we’re so craving right now than an airy conservatory wrapped in light, filled with lovely furniture, and absolutely rife with plants.

The Palette

Why fight Mother Nature? This room’s earthy, muted palette—no pure white or black—makes the structure blend into the background, almost becoming one with the flora, and blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. After all, the favorite decorating trick of famed designer Howard Slatkin is “working a bit of green into every room. It can be a pillow or a lamp, or a plant or greenery—the range of colors is enormous. Green gives life to a room; without it, the room is dead.”

The Lighting

Though we constantly expound on the importance of layered lighting (a mix of ceiling pendants, sconces, and table lamps), in a sun-kissed conservatory those rays are your best friends. Even if you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows, line plants on a windowsill or a bar cart parked near one to make the most of the sunlight.

The Furniture

In indoor-outdoor spaces that will get a lot of use, embrace pieces made with hardy, long-lasting materials like wood, brick, and sisal.

5 Decorating Ideas to Steal

1) Think of your potted plants as sculptures or objets, and mix them up as you would any other decorative accent, placing something feathery and lacy next to something tall and spiky.

2) Decorate even your auxiliary spaces with solid, stylish furniture: a farm table on your porch, tools organized in a cool old armoire in the garage.

3) In lieu of chairs encircling your dining table, a bench on one side (or both) lends a relaxed, elbows-on-the-table vibe—plus you can squeeze more people onto it.

4) Skip the store-bought blooms one weekend and instead create a fresh-picked arrangement using flowers and greens straight from your backyard.

5) French doors connecting inside and out give you more freedom to move furniture back and forth and will encourage people to mill about when you’re entertaining.

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