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Trend Spotted: Plates on the Wall

Trend Spotted: Plates on the Wall
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Just like fashion, decorating trends come and go. Eye-catching arrangements of plates used to decorate walls is one trend we have to say we’re thrilled to see making its way back around. In 2002, Kelly Wearstler singlehandedly inspired countless homeowners to try their hand at the trend when she debuted her stunning plate wall at the Viceroy Santa Monica, but the truth is this is one decorator trick that has been around forever and has gone dormant in recent years. However, after spotting the idea used in homes that featured prominently in recent issues of top shelter magazines, we’re officially declaring that plates on the wall are back! So what’s different this time around? Keep reading to find out.

Photo © Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved

Photo © Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved

The Mix

Today’s incarnation of this trend seems to be leaning a bit more traditional, featuring either full-on sets of formal china, or at the very least plates that are all in the same color family. The vibes is one of understated elegance rather than the bold glamour of stark white silhouettes or rainbow sprays of color.


The Arrangements

Symmetry is the name of the game these days, but from there, all bets are off. An assemblage of different sizes and shapes that climbs the wall or frames a doorway makes for a lively composition.


How to Hang

Disc Hangers are a great option for a clean look, but the traditional wire plate hangers from the local hardware store of course work as well. It just depends the look you’re after.

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Join the Discussion

3 Responses to “Trend Spotted: Plates on the Wall”

  1. Judi Youdelis Hinton says:

    too predictable, better plate walls on etsy at the lithuanian tea room

  2. Jennifer Spencer says:

    My grandmother sold china for 30 years. She said if you care at all about the dishes you’re hanging, don’t use the wire plate hangers from the hardware store. You want something that’s going to cushion the rim on the plate where the holder meets the plate rim; eventually those spring loaded little grabbers will make chips in your china. Sometimes immediately if it’s old or very thin.

  3. jhadleyconrad says:

    I didn’t realize it was at some point ‘not trendy’. I have majolica plates on my wall. Also blue transfer ware as my mother and grandmother did as well. I think it’s ridiculous to design and decorate your home according to some unknown ‘group’ declaring something on trend. I design my home with classics and comfort. Casual elegance or comfortably classic is my own style. I’m not into modern, spare, mid century at all. It’s cold. I prefer warm and inviting.

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