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Dream Weavers: Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor is inspired by travel, color, and even local L.A. spots like the Casbah Cafe and Hollyflora, a floral-design studio owned by her pals.

It could be said that Los Angeles-based Heather Taylor is a Jack (or maybe Jill) of all trades: she co-owns the art gallery Taylor De Cordoba with her hubby, Alex; her adored lifestyle blog, L.A. in Bloom, is an ode to laid-back SoCal living that needs to be on your daily hit list (if it’s not already); she recently launched a line of embroidered table linens; and she weaves any chance she can get. “Two years ago, after years of knitting, felting, and crocheting, I signed up for a weaving class at Barnsdall Art Park,” she says. “And I quickly became addicted to the meditative experience of sitting in front of a loom.” She calls her whimsical, richly tactile pieces “expressions of color, texture, and pattern.” We say they’ll bring style to your space just by hanging around.


“I’m definitely inspired by textiles I’ve seen on my travels,” says Taylor. “I’m also swayed by color. I recently saw the most beautiful yellow and red cherry tomatoes at the farmers market, which immediately got me thinking about my next weaving.”


“When traveling somewhere new, ‘where’s the yarn shop?’ is the first question I ask!” says Taylor. “I’ve bought gorgeous stuff in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Chiapas, Mexico. My late grandmother was a weaver and I also use yarn I inherited from her. I love the idea of a raw material being passed down from generation to generation and then passed on to someone else in the form of a woven textile. It feels completely magical to me.”


“I currently work on a four-heddle loom for large wall hangings and use hand looms for smaller pieces,” says Taylor. “I tend to make most of my small wall hangings when I am traveling so each of my projects are rooted in a sense of place. Like [famed fiber artist] Sheila Hicks, I’ve been naming the pieces after the location where I made them.”


“I weave at my home and also in a studio at Barnsdall Art Park,” says Taylor. “If I’m at home, I’ll be working in my living room or outside, and definitely listening to the radio. Music or podcasts always.”


A Peek into the Process

“Weaving is the opposite of being plugged in and juggling my iPhone, iPad, and computer,” says Taylor. “You have to focus and use both of your hands. It’s the perfect antidote to modern life.”


A shot of Taylor’s studio in the Barnsdall Art Park.


“I have a massive yarn collection and use silk, alpaca, wool, cotton, twine, and whatever else I can get my hands on,” says Taylor.


Taylor made this petite piece in Santa Fe.

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