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Mini Skirt

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Raise the idea of a table skirt to a new level this spring with an unexpected mini version. This easy cover protects your tabletop and exposes the beautiful base of your table. It works perfectly in an entryway.

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This table skirt is constructed from two simple pieces of linen: a circle of fabric that spans the entire surface of our tabletop and a box-pleated ruffle. (Our ruffle drops 10 inches from the edge of our table).

We used about seven yards of fabric for our 54-inch table. However, this will vary according to your table size.

For an experienced sewer this is a simple afternoon project. For an easier option, commission a tailor to create a custom skirt following the guidelines above.

Tip: We loved the unfinished edge, or selvage, of our fabric, so we chose to leave the cloth as is instead of finishing it or adding a decorative trim.

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