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12 Floor Ideas We Absolutely Love

Beautiful Brick

Brick provides the perfect balance in a design-forward yet retro-leaning black-and-white kitchen. It adds a subtle boost of color, warms up the cool neutrals, and bridges the gap between rustic and mod, so a well-loved farm table looks right at home amidst minimalist cabinetry and sleek subway tiles.

Photo by Erica George Dines; interior by Amy D. Morris

Fans of indoor-outdoor living will love the look of brick in an entryway or mudroom, not to mention that it hides dirt well making it a smart choice for these high-traffic areas. Pair it with other traditionally outdoor accents like hefty lanterns and live potted herbs, and break up the pattern with inlaid lengths of wood to add interest and achieve a more finished appearance.

Photo by Tim Van de Velde

There’s maybe nothing more unexpected than brick flooring in a living room or bedroom, which gives the space a devil-may-care air reminiscent of those effortlessly cool stone-floored Mediterranean villas. The red tones in brick riff off the cools in blues and grays—tried-and-true color-wheel stuff. And because interior bricks are cut thinner, they’re cheaper than full-height exterior brick.

Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg/The Interior Archive

On a covered porch, brick flooring is like the finishing touch. Its rusty tones pick up the warm hues in wood furniture, and play nice with the greens and blues in foliage. As far as care goes, it’ll need to be waterproofed with a sealer, but is long-lasting and durable even if you’re the type that throws backyard barbecues every weekend.

Tempting Tile

Photo by Hedden + Phillips

As far as we can tell, the black-and-white bathroom isn’t headed south out of style any time soon. If you love its classic good looks, but also yearn for a bit of boho, consider a tile floor that fits the palette, but rocks a pattern. We love encaustic tiles for their slightly rustic designs, and anything black-and-white by Ann Sacks.

Photo by Christopher Simon Sykes/The Interior Archive

Typically a pattern found in kitchens, checkerboard done outdoors is a fun twist on the tradition. While black-and-white might read too retro or bistro-style, tiles in terracotta and slate hues make a perfectly earthy accompaniment to any alfresco space.

Photo by Nicole LaMotte

In homes, stairs and hallways are often-forgotten spaces that deserve as much love as any other room in your house. Tiling the front of your stairs is an unexpected touch that will imbue them with energy. As always, we’re all for mixing and matching tile designs as long they remain consistent across each individual stair.

Photo by Julien Fermandez/GAP Interiors

Bold, repetitive tile can serve as an optical illusion making a room seem larger than it is. It’s also a great way to play up your wall color, by choosing a shade that shows up in your tilework. If you’d shy away from such a dramatic look in your main living areas, consider it for smaller, more tucked-away areas like hallways and powder rooms.

Wonderful Wood

Photo by Sharyn Cairns/News Life Media/Country Style

Patterned wood floors are all the rage these days, as they’re an easy way to dial up the drama in an otherwise traditional space. Sticking to black paint is the easiest way to make your paint job look profesh and not like child’s play. And as for patterns, a checkerboard is always playful and chic, but you can also opt for a more fantastical design, as did our special projects editor in thisweekend project.

Photo by Annie Schlechter/GMAImages

If your floors need a paint job, but you’re not ready to embrace the pattern, single colors will still take your floors from grimy to gorgeous. Choosing a color that’s similar to your wall paint will give your space an airy, serene feel—especially important in your bedroom—letting whatever you fill it with pop. If you’re painting the floors yourself, just be sure to sand them down all the way as splinters in your feet are a no go.

Photo by Julien Fernandez/GAP Interiors

We admit it, ever since spotting it in J.Crew’s Jenna Lyon’s old apartment, we’ve been hooked on herringbone wood floors in the bathroom. It’s hip but homey, riffs off traditional tilework, and just looks that much more special. Keep your stain on the lighter side so that the design is easy to make out.

Photo by Hannah Blackmore

Wood floors stained as dark as midnight started as a trend, but have morphed into a classic. They work best in light-filled rooms painted an equally light shade, and can really make black moulding and trim (another trend with staying power) pop. A super-dark stain is also a great way to disguise imperfections or patch jobs in the wood.

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