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Get More from Your Florist This Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, our in-house floral designer Meghan Guthrie offers five tips for communicating with florists that will help you get a seriously stylish bouquet.

Consider different roses. The classic red rose may be the flower of the occasion, but the reality is that “not everyone likes them,” says Meghan. She suggests switching it up with “garden roses, spray roses, or English roses, which come in every romantic shade you can think of.”

Try other romantic blooms. If you’re steering clear of roses completely, “get your florist to suggest some alternatives—especially if you’re looking to gift something more thoughtful and personal,” says Meghan. For flowers that are equally pretty and romantic, she goes for “ranunculus, which has roselike petals and is available in a range of equally romantic colors. Or peony, which is fragrant and comes in feminine shades.”

Request fewer greens. “Florists will often fill the bouquet with too much greenery and ruin the effect of the flowers, so be specific about how many greens you want,” says Meghan. “I always ask them not to use bulky greens, like lemon leaf, which take up too much visual space.”

Keep it simple. “Don’t be afraid to ask florists to keep the bouquet simple,” Meghan advises. “They often build an arrangement around one central color, but it can sometimes get lost when greens and accent flowers are added.” And when ordering flowers for men, she adds, “I usually tell florists to use only two types of flowers in the same color with just a bit of greenery.”

Ask about vessels. “Be assertive and always ask about your vase options,” says Meghan. “An attractive vessel is just as important as the bouquet, and florists are often more than happy to make suggestions here as long as you ask them.” Or if you’re getting flowers to go right away, consider having them wrapped in “brown paper and a colorful ribbon that goes with the colors of the arrangement,” says Meghan. “It’s perfectly sweet and simple.”


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