20 Questions for George Nunno & Jon Maroto

Meet Our Tastemakers

George Nunno and Jon Maroto

  • Profession Designers/ Shopkeepers, Flair
  • Hometown New York
  • Twitter @FLAIRHome
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George Nunno and Jon Maroto of Flair open up about their favorite sources and decorating secrets.

My Style

What is your astrological sign?

George Nunno (GN): Cancer

Jon Maroto (JM): Aquarius

If you weren’t a decorator, what would you be?

GN: A clothing designer

JM: A veterinarian

What are you most inspired by?

GN: An imaginary meeting with David Hicks, Halston, and Gabriella Crespi

JM: Paris and Rome in the ’70s—a perfect combination of time, place, and design

My Favorites

What is your favorite movie interior?

GN: American Gigolo

JM: The Villa Necchi from I Am Love

Favorite album?

GN: Jaymes Bullet

JM: Hatful of Hollow by The Smiths

Favorite museum?

GN: Musée Bourdelle in Paris

JM: The Metropolitan Museum of Art still amazes and overwhelms me.

Style icon?

GN: Jean-Michel Frank

JM: Yves Saint Laurent; his interiors were genius.

Favorite cocktail?

GN: Belvedere martini

JM: Tequila on the rocks

Favorite restaurant?

GN: Le Voltaire in Paris

JM: I Sodi; it’s like being in Firenze but in New York.

Hostess gift?

GN: A bottle of chilled prosecco

JM: FLAIR candle

My Resources

Where’s your go-to fabric store?

GN: Dedar

JM: The mills that supply many of the big fashion houses in Paris and Milan

A place to find furniture & lighting?

GN and JM: The flea markets in Paris

A florist?

GN: Charles Terhout in New York City

JM: VSF in New York City

A caterer?

GN and JM: Canard Inc.

A favorite local shop?

GN: Aedes de Venustas

JM: Dashwood Books

A favorite shop abroad?

GN: FLAIR in Florence

JM: Alexandre Biaggi in Paris

Shop Their Style

Our philosophy is to mix classic with contemporary in a way that evokes the sophistication and elegance of Europe in the 1970s.

— George Nunno and Jon Maroto

My Decorating

What’s your favorite pattern?

GN: Gray flannel pinstripe

JM: Classic menswear plaids

What’s your decorating cheap thrill?

GN: Using art by upcoming/unknown artists

JM: Books, and a lot of them; they make a room more personal.

What’s your favorite decorating trick?

GN: Dark and sexy rooms

JM: Mixing vintage and new

You’ll Never See Me Using…

GN: Never say never.


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