3 Stylish Guys Share Genius Gift Ideas for Men

3 Stylish Guys Share Genius Gift Ideas for Men
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Photo courtesy of Michael Chernow

Photo courtesy of Michael Chernow

The Epicurean: Michael Chernow

PROFESSION: Co-founder of the hugely successful Meatball Shops and seafood eatery Seamore’s. SELF-DESCRIBED STYLE: “Simple is best. I love the basics: broken-in jeans, broken-in boots, broken-in T’s. That said, simple is not easy—truth. James Dean and Steve McQueen did it best.” FAVORITE GETAWAY SPOT: “Barcelona. The food is second to none, the culture is magic, the people are amazingly hospitable, and the city is on the sea. Tough to compare to anything else in my book.”

Have you and your family cultivated any favorite family traditions? My son, Finley, is a new edition—he’s just 10 weeks old—so we haven’t had much time to establish traditions yet. But my wife, Donna, and I have many traditions, like eating dinner at Blue Ribbon every year on April 24. That was the first date we ever had 10 years ago.”

The best gift you’ve ever given another guy? “I think buying my business partner flight lessons was pretty epic.”

Your go-to gift suggestion for a man who’s impossible to buy for? “”

Five essentials every man should have? “A great pair of boots; a versatile, good-looking bag; a broken-in pair of jeans; running sneakers because all men should run; and the perfect T-shirt.”

The Style Setter: Michael Hainey

PROFESSION: Editor-at-large for GQ magazine SELF-DESCRIBED STYLE: “Tortoiselike: ever-evolving, but slowly and steadily.” FAVORITE GETAWAY SPOT: “A tie between Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano and a family cabin in Door County, WI. Both are totally restorative.”

What is your favorite gift to give? “What I try to give people are those rarest of gifts: of time; of help; of friendship. Of being there for them.”

How do you make a traditional gift like a bow tie or cuff links feel more interesting? “Take some time to write a note with the gift telling the person why you are giving it to him; why you thought of it for him. It shows that you have given the gift thought and you have been thinking about the person and why you want him to have it. Oftentimes that note will carry the day.”

What gift might make men think about decor and design differently? “A good book, like Nate Berkus’s The Things That Matter.”

Suggestions if someone would prefer to gift an experience in lieu of a physical gift? “Make sure it’s something they want to do, not something you think would be cool. Do they really like whiskey, or are you just getting them that because it is ‘manly’? I can’t tell you how many glamorized shaving kits I’ve gotten. Guess what? I like to shave in two minutes, not luxuriate with a mug o’ shaving cream like some 19th-century robber baron.”

A gift…

… that he can always use? “Proper drinking glasses.”

… that he doesn’t know he actually needs in his life? “A chic water pitcher and glass for his bedside table. Also, a good vase for flowers.”

… that’s thoughtful? “A framed photo of a moment you shared with that person.”

… that’s heirloom-worthy? “A wristwatch. Think Hermès or Cartier or Rolex.”

Photo courtesy of Matthew Hranek

Photo courtesy of Matthew Hranek

The Adventurer: Matthew Hranek

PROFESSION: Photographer for magazines including Condé Nast Traveler and Esquire; blogger behind The William Brown Project SELF-DESCRIBED STYLE: “Italian preppy” FAVORITE GETAWAY SPOT: Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc in France, where he has a house. “It has it all—great wine, oysters, wild foods and game, and beaches.”

Have you and your family cultivated any favorite traditions? “It is really important to dine together. The day is recalled, disputes are settled, and there is always good humor.”

The best gift you’ve ever given another guy? “I have to say I am a very thoughtful gift giver. Recently I gave a vintage signed photo of the tennis legend Rod Laver to my friend Steve, who loves the game. Oh, also good booze is always a smart move.”

The best gift you’ve ever received? “The greatest gift I have is my wife and daughter, whom I love madly.”

Your suggestion for the man who’s impossible to buy for? “A friend once said, ‘If people think you’re hard to buy for, they obviously don’t know where their local liquor store is.’ I think a thoughtful bottle of something is always a no-brainer. No one, unless you are in a 12-step program, is disappointed by a boozy gift.”

Five essentials every man should have? “Good luggage, a blue blazer, good shoes, patience, humor.”


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