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Two Top Stylists Tackle Your Trickiest Surfaces

Two Top Stylists Tackle Your Trickiest Surfaces
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Cross-country stylists Scott Horne (L.A.) and Rebecca Robertson (NYC) have created ridiculously gorgeous spaces in magazines like Martha Stewart Living and Country Living and for clients from coast to coast. Here they each take on two different surfaces (the coffee table and the desk), share their top tips, and comment on each other’s very stylish set-ups.


He Styles… The Coffee Table

Scott’s Top Tips

1. Stash remotes and other less-than-attractive necessities in a pretty box or two.

2. Fresh flowers arranged in an unusual vase add height and texture.

3. Fill a cool bowl with goodies like fruit, candy, or nuts. It’ll look homey and inviting, and give guests something to enjoy.


She says… “I love Scott’s sense of style and whimsy. His eye for art and objects is unmatched. This table’s gold and brass details are chic, yet warm—plus anything edible on a coffee table always pulls people in.”

She Styles… The Coffee Table

Rebecca’s Top Tips

1. Stack up books of all kinds, setting the one you’ve just read on top of the pile as a conversation starter.

2. Leave some space free so guests feel comfortable putting down their drinks.

3. Play up your personality—the ceramic zebra is something my husband got as a child in Italy.


He says… “Her coffee table is museumlike—I love that! It’s the perfect balance of texture, finish, color, and scale. It tells me that she is a collector, a creative intellectual with a great sense of humor.”

He Styles… The Desk

Scott’s Top Tips

1. Enlist unique vintage items such as ashtrays to serve as organizers.

2. Make sure the things you choose actually help you be more efficient.

3. Inspiration is key in your office. Paintings and photographs drive creativity.


She says… “Scott plays beautifully with texture. The brass lamp and sharkskin box against the high gloss of the lacquer desk is a sophisticated and delicious mix.”

She Styles… The Desk

Rebecca’s Top Tips

1. Glam up your storage by using unexpected containers like these shagreen, bone, and malachite boxes.

2. A decorative tray instantly makes a random grouping of objects feel united.

3. Bring on the texture. Here, a traditional desk blotter is replaced with a piece of hide leather.


He says… “I admit I’m secretly jealous of all of Rebecca’s desks. They’re always dressed to the nines and feature great trinket boxes. And she always has a fierce blotter. That’s her signature.”

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4 Responses to “Two Top Stylists Tackle Your Trickiest Surfaces”

  1. Louise van Rensburg says:

    Rebecca’s tip no 2 for the coffee table is to leave some space for the guests to feel comfortable putting their drinks down…where? Did I miss something.

  2. Nancy LaValle Perkins says:

    They are both “magazine” styles but both overdone and impractical for daily living. Too staged and as a result not really beautiful. Both need a refresher from the greats like Billy Baldwin, Sister Parrish and Bunny Williams.

  3. Playing up your personality is always a good thing.

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