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Emily Henderson’s Ultimate Styling Tips

Where are some of your favorite places to find vintage pieces?
Flea markets, thrift stores deep in the San Fernando Valley, estate sales, Etsy, eBay—I mean, anywhere I can get my grubby little hands on vintage, I will!


We love the masculine yet incredibly refined aesthetic of this space you designed. Can you tell us how you used vintage pieces here?
This a home I did for a friend of mine in the Hollywood Hills and is one of my favorite places to hang out. It was all about making it look like his personality, so it was an eclectic mix of midcentury, 1920s antiques, and global accents. We called it “FDR chic meets British ’60s meets global,” but in the end, FDR chic kinda ruled the space!


What is a must-do styling trick everyone should try?
Splurge on a unique piece of art that will start a conversation. I love using flags mounted on pine furring strips as a less expensive option for a piece of art that size. Another option is to mix prints, photographs, and paintings, making sure to keep a consistent color palette and to vary big and small pieces and shapes.


We’re big fans of mixing and matching seating and other furniture in the home. How can we make sure to maintain a cohesive look?
The most important thing is to have all the pieces reflect different styles yet roughly have the same tone of wood or material. Also stay true to how much contrast and texture you can handle. If you are really eclectic, then mix them up, but if you like a more pulled-together space, then keep the tonality as consistent as possible.

Styling dressers, mantels, coffee tables, and other surfaces can be really intimidating. What do you suggest?
The trick is mixing in vertical pieces, like these amazing porcelain legs, with horizontal pieces like books and boxes as well as sculptural pieces, like the “a” and the footed dish, all together. This makes it feel collected and effortless. Try to create a sort of landscape mountain shape with them to keep your eye going up and down smoothly without extreme peaks and valleys.


You’ve collected so many amazing vintage patterns and textiles. How do you keep such a well-edited mix?
Don’t use all large-scale patterns, or they will fight with each other. For example, here in my guest bedroom, I like to vary the scales of the vintage patterns between the pillows and the headboard. Be sure to mix in some solids to give your eyes a rest: Limit the number of patterns to three—then blend in a solid or two.

We’d like to extend a huge thank-you to Emily Henderson for her stellar tips and tricks! To see more of her amazing style visit her blog and make sure to check out her sale to get a few hand-selected vintage pieces for yourself!

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