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VIDEO: Make an Easy and Elegant Wreath

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When decorating my own home for the holidays I usually go with a more informal style. So on a recent afternoon I sat down with some greens and a few tools to figure out how to create a Scandinavian-inspired wreath using a few eucalyptus branches. It turned out better than I could have imagined. This wreath is perfect for anyone who, like me, wants just a hint of the holidays in her home rather than a full-on onslaught. Click play to see the project take shape, and scroll down for my full supply list and step-by-step instructions for getting the look.

Here’s What You’ll Need

A few thin branches (I used a variety of eucalyptus, but almost any thin branches will work)
Floral wire

Step 1: Wire Together the Branches

Begin by cutting a 3- to 4-inch length of wire. Position two sections of branches so that the tops point in opposite directions, then wire them together in the center.

Step 2: Snip the Ends

Next, snip the stems off each side of the wire. This will leave you with two leafy lengths that will create the body of your wreath.

 Step 3: Put a Bow on It

To conceal the wire I added a bow. I like the look of a simple knot, so I cut a length of ribbon about 6 inches long and secured it to the center. However, you can get creative and use any type of ribbon or bow you choose. Just be sure it isn’t too heavy and won’t weigh down your wreath too much.

Step 4: Tie with Twine

To finish your wreath, knot each end of a length of twine about 1 inch from the tip of each leafy side, and trim off any excess twine from the ends. Now you’re ready to hang!

Tip: The length of the twine should be the same as the length of your branches when they are lying flat.

Step 5: Hang!

The wreath is superlight, so you can hang it from just about anything. Adjust the center point as needed until you find the look you like best.

Extra Credit:

I was so inspired I decided to do a little extra experimenting. Using the exact same steps, I created a pine wreath and even a mini wreath using some fern leaves and decorative grasses. Get creative. The possibilities are endless!

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