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Inside a Hardworking Home Office Makeover

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If you find yourself sifting through stacks of loose paper when tax time rolls around or feel your desk is home to clutter rather than creativity, it might be time to get organized… with style. We’ve gathered some ideas for upgrading your work space so that it’s not just tidy but gorgeous to boot!


A duo of filing cabinets may be functional, but they also look a bit frumpy. This spring, why not try a fresh approach to staying organized by building a home office that makes work feel like play.


1. Make It Homey

A home is no place for cubicle-style furnishings. Add a rug, a standout chair, flowers, artwork, and a throw to make the space comfy and cozy.

2. Define the Area

In almost any space, the strategic use of paint or wallpaper can help you carve out a “room” for your office when it’s part of a larger area like a bedroom. Here, Benjamin Moore’s Nile Green was used to add energy and the illusion of architecture to a nook.

Dress up neutral storage boxes on shelves by mixing in some pretty repurposed candy boxes, metallic bowls, and a few colorful books.

3. Up the Shelf Ante

Instead of heavy filing cabinets, fill a sliver of wall or a nearby nook with bookcases or built-in shelving to increase storage space. Even a narrow shelf can add a bit of interest to the wall while freeing up valuable desk space.

4. Dress Up Your Tools

Use file boxes, cups, and caddies to control clutter, add color, and express your personal style. Well-designed office extras, such as gold scissors or a stylish stapler, can double as desktop decor.

Use utensil organizers or small bowls and trays to keep items easy to find.

5. De-Stress Your Drawers

There’s something so relaxing about knowing where everything is and goes. Taking the time to sift through those desk drawers filled with nonworking pens, bits of paper, and your old iPhone will make you more efficient in the long run.

A mix of clippings, objects, and snapshots will keep you inspired.

6. Get Inspired

Create a space that’s uniquely yours by surrounding yourself with the things that move you. Don’t miss our step-by-step guide to building a better inspiration board.

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