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28 Hostess Gift Ideas from Chic Tastemakers

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Every time the holidays hit we want to know what to get those darling hosts and hostesses who are so kind to have us over for cocktail nights, festive parties, and secret-Santa swaps. So we reached out to some of the most stylish designers, bloggers, and creatives in the biz and posed them this question: What is your go-to hostess gift?

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A bottle of prosecco.

— Athena Calderone, designer and blogger behind Eye Swoon


“Petits fours from Valerie Confections, along with fresh flowers or one of my framed flower prints.”—Amanda de Cadenet, photographer and TV host

“Something from my garden.”—Heidi Merrick, fashion designer

“Good manners, lively conversation, and a bottle of her favorite wine.”—Alexa Hampton, interior designer

“A scrumptious bottle of wine paired with a FEED wine bag. There’s a great wine called One Hope that gives back per bottle sold, so it’s a nice way to do good for the world.” —Lauren Bush Lauren, co-founder, FEED Projects

“Pick any scent from Le Feu de L’eau’s collection for a ready-to-go hostess gift. The candles themselves look like art pieces, and the scents are natural, refined, and nuanced.”—Simone LeBlanc, gifting guru

Linen napkins by Libeco-Lagae.

— John Derian, designer


“Homemade biscotti and a Branca candle.”—Alessandra Branca, interior designer

“A white orchid.”—Vicente Wolf, interior designer

“My partner is from Virginia, so I love bringing authentic Virginia peanuts.”—Thomas Jayne, interior designer

“An ashtray, table lighter, or cigarette box.”—Ryan Korban, interior designer

Hermès’s scented drawer liners.

— Martyn Lawrence Bullard, interior designer


“Champagne!”—Erin Martin, interior designer

“A loaf of homemade banana bread, a coffee table book, or a nosegay of garden flowers in a charming little pitcher.”—Capucine De Wulf Gooding, co-founder, Juliska

“A Frédéric Malle scented candle.”—Carolina Irving, creative director, Oscar de la Renta Home

“An encrusted mint julep cup from my shop, Ceylon et Cie.”—Michelle Nussbaumer, interior designer

“Great cookies or chocolate.”—Bunny Williams, interior designer


Energetic minerals, fossils, and curiosities.

— Christopher Wilcox, artist


“Embroidered cocktail napkins, bamboo-and-silver salad servers, a great book, or flowers from my garden.”—Charlotte Moss, interior designer

“Silver Oak Cellars Cabernet and Olivina beauty products.”—Martha Angus, interior designer

“Multicolored boxed gift soaps and brightly colored striped Turkish towels.”—Mary McDonald, interior designer

“A tray can create an instant cocktail party. It quickly becomes a portable bar space that can move with their guests. On mine, I usually place flowers, a crystal carafe and glasses, my favorite spirits, and bowls filled with nuts and chips.” —Aerin Lauder, founder, AERIN

“During the holidays, I love sending potted bulbs like paperwhites and amaryllis. I’ll send them early in the day or the day after, so the host doesn’t have to stop to arrange them in the middle of the party.” —Heather Clawson, blogger behind Habitually Chic

“Reciprocating with dinner at my house.”—Jeffrey Alan Marks, interior designer

“Monogrammed matches.”—Lulu deKwiatkowski, fabric and wallpaper designer

“Hibiki whiskey.”—Lauren Geremia, interior designer

I put so much effort into a party, the only thing I ask is that you dress up. If you walk in and everything is sparkling, I want you to look the part. It’s like a gift to me.

— Miles Redd, interior designer

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