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8 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Catchalls

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1. They Make Anything (Seriously, Anything) Feel Special

When added to a comely catchall, even the most mundane items (think Post-it notes and paper clips) are suddenly transformed into things worthy of being on display. A good rule of thumb is the less eye-catching the item being stored, the more majorly stunning of a catchall you’ll need.

2. They Make Messes Look Orderly

A pile of change, a set of keys, a phone, and some mail strewn on an empty surface just looks random (and rather messy), but corral those same things in a small tray or bowl and suddenly they look like they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. One quick look around your home and you’ll see where a catchall might come in handy.

3. Because Smoking Is Bad, but Pretty Ashtrays Are Rad

The only good thing that came out of smoking’s popularity was the attention paid to creating well-designed ashtrays, more commonly known these days as trinket or change trays. These typically square ceramic dishes are ideal for containing items big and small and, thanks to their rebellious past, maintain a slightly edgy vibe.

4. Because Sometimes You Just Need to Stash Stuff

We all have stuff that we’d rather have tucked out of sight (remote controls top our list), which is why boxes are one of our favorite catchalls. No matter what your style, there are boxes to match, and they level the playing field between those who favor order and organization and those whose homes are happily chaotic, since only you know what’s under that lid.

5. It’s an Excuse to Buy Pretty Petite Bowls

If you’re like us you’re constantly looking for a reason to buy those lovely little bowls that are seemingly everywhere. You know, the ones that were maybe part of a long-lost set of china or that aren’t food safe because of their gorgeous metallic finish. Well, call them catchalls for your trinkets and they’re a totally justifiable purchase.

6. They Contain (and Display) Random Collections

Restaurant matchboxes, seashells, pretty bits of ribbon, antique safety pins: You name it and someone around our offices collects it. Catchalls turn these lovingly amassed items into mini displays of your personal passions, and on a coffee table they make a killer conversation starter. So go ahead, embrace those hoarding (err, collecting) tendencies.

7. They Make Jewelry Storage a Cinch

Storing jewelry in a way that’s attractive and functional (meaning you’ll be able to put your hands on that perfect outfit-finishing necklace in less than five seconds) can be a challenge, but catchalls can definitely help. Start with the largest catchall of all, a big tray, and use a combo of boxes and bowls inside, separating jewelry by type until everything finds a home.

8. They Keep Keepsakes Safe and Accessible

You never know when the events of an ordinary day will result in something totally keepsake-worthy, and we love using catcalls to collect those extra-special items. If you’re a ruthless editor of things, a pretty tray is the perfect way to hold a selection of carefully curated mementos. If you tend to keep things like concert-ticket stubs (no judgment!), then a box is probably your best bet.

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