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Instagram’s Brightest #SmallSpaceStar Style

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Small spaces don’t have to suffer through sparse style. With some ingenuity and a little know-how, even the most diminutive of rooms can make a big-time statement.

Need a little help? You’re in luck—in addition to our brand-new 221-page magazine, Small Space Style, our Instagram friends are here to provide you with small-space style inspo in spades.

Read on for genius tips and tricks to make your small space Insta-ready, and share them with us using #SmallSpaceStar.

Carve Out a Niche à la @whitneyleighmorris

Built-in bedroom bookshelves can do double-duty as a nightstand—just carve out a space on a bed-high shelf. It’s just enough room for a glass of water, a clock, and your read of the moment.

Warm the Bench à la @amiraelgawly

Seating can be scarce in a small dining area, but a bench ensures that any party you throw will be the more, the merrier. Baskets underneath are perfect for stashing extra place settings and linens too.

Climb Higher à la @liz_kamarul

The solution to limited cabinet space in a kitchen? Shelves! Wide-plank shelves hold everything from plates to plants and give off a French bistro vibe. Add hooks underneath to show off your favorite mugs.

Repeat Yourself à la @housesevenblog

Repeating similar prints can make a space feel cohesive, no matter how small. The geometric designs of the side table, the end table, and the rug can stand alone in this room, but their similar vibe brings the whole space together.

See Clearly à la @elsielarson

Too much furniture can make a space feel suffocating, but where can your guests sit? A sleek acrylic chair makes for extra seating and takes up little-to-no visual space.

Create Boundaries à la @lizlovegrowswild

Studios can feel like one all-encompassing room, and it can be strange to cook in the bedroom. Hanging gauzy curtains as room dividers defines each nook without sacrificing a light, airy feel.

Embrace Pattern à la @katemarkerinteriors

Don’t cast aside patterns in your small space for fear they’ll make your room seem teenier—they actually have the opposite effect. See how this gorgeous printed wallpaper makes the rest of the bathroom pop?

Choose Convertible Pieces à la @monicawangphoto

Entertaining in small spaces can be hard: Where do the drinks go? Where will guests sit? Invest in do-it-all pieces like Moroccan poufs, ceramic garden stools, and trunks—they make easy impromptu tables and chairs.

Keep It Open à la @caitlinwilsondesign

An abundance of cabinets can encroach on a tiny kitchen. Keeping a wall free gives an airy vibe. Need more storage? Open shelving stashes your favorite platters and cups without being cumbersome.

Stick with a Scheme à la @jeffmindell

Stuck on a color choice? White will always make a room seem bigger and brighter, even if there’s only one window. Bringing in pops of color and pattern can soften the stark hue.

BONUS: For your tiny home’s exterior…

Simplify the Scene à la @caitlinflemming

Simple is smart for small outdoor spaces—it keeps things from becoming too cluttered and taking away from your perfect view. This petite porch offers two rocking chairs and fresh air, perfect for long, lazy afternoons.

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