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John Robshaw

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Who’s your ultimate style icon?  Jack Nicholson in The Passenger

What’s your go-to hostess gift?  Turban

What movie interior would you die to live in?  The Passenger

As a textile expert, where do you love to source fabric?  India


What’s your favorite album?  Greatest Hits, Blondie

What museum do you find wildly inspiring?  Mexico City Museum

What’s your go-to cocktail?  Gimlet

What restaurant can you not get enough of?  Minetta Tavern

What hotel would you move into if you could?  Imperial Hotel, New Dehli

What’s your favorite type of flower?  Jasmine

My work is a collision of colors, textures, and the artistry of the people I meet and work with.

— John Robshaw


What’s your favorite decorating trick?  Cover the whole place in textiles

What will we never see you using?  Don’t know, I use it all!



Who has the best decorative accessories?  John Robshaw

Where do you source the best furniture?  Richard Wrightman (when I get a discount)

Who do you trust for lighting?  Harry Allen

Where do you go for amazing flowers?  Plant House, NYC

Who do you love for catering?  Shawn Lonsfjord Events, NYC

Who’s your “upholstery guy”?  Chelsea Workroom, NYC

Are there any local shops you adore?  John Derian, NYC

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