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You’ll Love This Brilliant (and Easy) Kid’s Room Upgrade

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A while back I was at the home of former OKL-er Elana Frankel doing a painted stairs project (you can check it out here), and between coats of paint, we gave the bedroom door of her two sons a little upgrade. Although you can use precut stickers for this project, I wanted to be sure mine were 100% removable, so I opted to make my own. Besides, it’s fun to be able to control the color and shape you use.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

• Removable sticker paper
• 1-inch hole punch

First, settle in somewhere comfy to punch holes. To give a standard-size door a decent covering you’ll need close to 100 circles, but it goes surprisingly fast. You can add them just to the door, but I wanted it to look as if I threw them at the door, so I placed a few outside the door frame as well and varied the space between them. Voilà! I love how graphic (and strangely sophisticated) the black dots look against the white door.

Tip: If you want to push the envelope here, you can break out a pencil and a tape measure and get creative with any number of colors and patterns.

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  1. If you are in the process of designing a child’s room, I recommend a good resource — an e-how-to book called DIY Like a Hummingbird: 10 Steps to Naturally Well-designed Kids’ Spaces (http://alladiyally.com/shop/)

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