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Get a Sneak Peek Inside Fall’s Must-Have Design Book

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Markham Roberts has emerged as one of the top decorators of his generation, and for good reason. He earned his chops working with legendary designer Mark Hampton before setting up shop on his own in 1997, and since then his work has been chronicled in design magazines and books alike. In his own recently released literary debut, Markham Roberts: Decorating the Way I See It, he leads the reader through his step-by-step approach to any project. Here we chat with him about his first book and his legendary cocktails and get a sneak peek inside the book on every design-lover’s wish list this fall.

Markham is all about custom creations. He designed the mantel, stenciled floor, and multiple-pedestal dining table of this New York City Beaux-Arts mansion.

What inspired you to write the book?
“My friend Alexa Hampton began encouraging me to write a book a number of years ago. The idea appealed to me, but I always put it off. The book represents more than 15 years of hard work and is an all-encompassing record of the first part of my career as a decorator.”

What is it about your house in the Hudson Valley that makes it an ideal case study?
“I suppose solely because it is mine and was not done for a client. It reflects my tastes and interests, ranging from varying influences from my upbringing and family as well as what has interested me as a collector and decorator.”

Pop Art’s the focus for this pied-à-terre in New York for Markham’s European clients. It’s a lesson in using white walls to really make bright colors pop!

What’s your favorite room to design?
“Powder rooms are always fun because people want to go all-out.  They don’t have to relate to any other room in the house, so the options are limitless.”

We understand you make delicious drinks. What’s your favorite?
“For the past few months I have been infusing tequila with peppers from an ornamental plant. It makes the spiciest, hottest, and most delicious margaritas!”

Markham writes,  “We added this year-round exterior porch pavilion, and there is nothing nicer than sitting in this room in all seasons with a fire or with the doors open, listening to the trees sway in the wind.”

“No house or room is finished without the final layer of accessories that really gives a room its character. Books, memorabilia, and treasured objects reflect personal interests and are so much more interesting than a sterile decorated room.”
—Markham Roberts

Photos courtesy of The Vendome Press

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