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Decorate Your Doorway with Nail-Head Trim

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Photo by William Waldron

When I saw the stunning digs of Carolina Herrera Baez, I immediately fell in love with the ribbon-and-nail-head trim adorning many of the home’s walls. It’s just the kind of unique detail that sets a room apart. I recently decided to put this bit of inspiration into action and tried to recreate the look in my own home, and I have to say, the DIY version really delivers! The best part: The installation process is really straightforward, and the materials are inexpensive and easy to come by.

When selecting materials I took my cues from Baez, who used large-scale nail heads to complement a neutral jute ribbon on a colorful wall.



Photo by William Waldron

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • One box of one-inch nail heads in antique bronze
  • Grosgrain or other one-inch ribbon (enough to go around the trim in your room)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pencil
  • Hammer

Resources: Nail heads from Zarin Fabrics. Ribbon from M&J Trimming.

Step 1: Measure

Begin by measuring the distance around your baseboards and door frames to determine how many yards of ribbon you will need. I used about 20 yards for my 14′ x 14′ room.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to buy a yard or two extra just in case.

Step 2: Mark

Use a small piece of painter’s tape to position a few feet of the ribbon on the wall next to the trim. Working in four- to five-foot sections helps keep the project neat and the spacing even. It’s a good idea to start in an inconspicuous corner. Using a ruler and pencil, lightly mark the position of each nail head along the ribbon. I spaced mine about three inches apart. Now you’re ready to hammer the nail heads into place.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat the process of taping, marking, and nailing, working in short sections until your trim detail is complete. To finish the edge of the ribbon, fold the raw edge under, and secure with a nail head. That’s it!

Tip: To cleanly turn the ribbon around the right angles of the doorway’s trim, fold your ribbon at a 45-degree angle, securing the crease with a nail head.

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