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Your Guide to a Perfect Fall Picnic!

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Why wait for summer when you can hit the great outdoors—a park, the beach, or even the backyard—to enjoy a casual, late-afternoon lunch with visiting friends and family?

Picnic Checklist

Picnic Checklist

The essentials plus a few extras to make the day a breeze:

  • Wool blankets to sit on
  • Picnic baskets
  • Handled wine carrier with corkscrew
  • Melamine dishware and cups, bamboo flatware
  • Lightweight trays to make serving easier
  • Some lanterns if the picnic goes late
  • Trash bags to clean it all up


Our Stylists Weigh In

Four clever tips for upping the chic factor at your picnic:

Make a large “table” with overlapped blankets.

Use a tray as an instant bar cart.

Anchor blankets with small logs and stones.

Gather branches and leaves for a centerpiece.

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