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A Living Room the Color of the Winter Sky

A Living Room the Color of the Winter Sky
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The crisp fall is turning into winter and we couldn’t be more excited for it. We’re daydreaming of chilly sunsets overlooking the ocean where there’s nothing to be done but warm by the hearth and relax. This serene space is just the place we imagine spending our winter nights, though we’d be swooning over this living room year round.

Why it Works

Its wispy-sky palette—those cloudy whites and pale, pale grays—coloring everything from the furniture to the walls creates a cohesive visual that’s essentially the equivalent of a delicious Sunday-afternoon nap. And while many monochromatic rooms are stark, with the feel of a modern-art gallery, this one manages to be oh-so-inviting thanks to that wool rug and overstuffed armchair and couch.


Our Favorite Part

The single design choice that takes this room over the top are those gray floors. As much as we love chocolate-brown and ebony floors, neither would make as great an impact here. Painting the floor and the walls the same color gives the room an endless quality, making it appear taller, longer, and wider.

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Image © Unique Home Stays,, +44 (0) 1637 881183

Image © Unique Home Stays,, +44 (0) 1637 881183

5 Decorating Ideas to Steal

1)  Neatly piled firewood can be a seasonally appropriate accent that adds warmth to a room.

2)  Embrace exposed beams. They give you great ceiling height and architectural interest.

3)  If you do embrace exposed beams, make sure your pendants hang at their level or lower, so that the beams don’t cast shadows across your room.

4)  When not in use, big comfy floor pillows can be stacked up and double as side tables.

5)  The trick for pulling off a monochromatic room (or vignette) is working in a variety of textures: a nubby wool throw over a linen couch, a metallic vase on a rustic wood table.

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