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Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Leaves from cut succulent plants are ideal for holding place cards and table numbers. And flexible boxwood branches are easily formed into heart-shape centerpieces, anchored in faux bois (“fake wood”) planters.

What You’ll Need:
Thick gauge wire
Greenery such as boxwood or eucalyptus
Thin green floral wire
Faux bois planter
Preserved moss


  1. Using your thick gauge wire, create a heart shape.
  2. Using the thin green floral wire, attach sections of the greenery to the heart-shape form.
  3. When the heart is fully covered, bury the bottom of your centerpiece in small rocks poured into the container.
  4. Cover the rocks with moss.

Tip: You can also have a florist make this. It’s a simple and long-lasting arrangement.

Succulent Card Holders:
You can get succulents from your florists and simply place them on the table or the plate. The leaves of the plant hold the cards perfectly.

Tip: The variety of colors and plant shapes adds color and texture to the table.


Calligraphy by Anna Beckman

“Succulents like these will last for up to three weeks in a bowl of water, so encourage guests to take them home to enjoy.”
—Megan Pflug, Special Projects Editor

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