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We’re Currently Loving: Sage-Green Rooms

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Photo by Leah Moss. Interior by Amy Strunk.

Photo by Leah Moss. Interior by Amy Strunk.

Silvery sage walls? Crisp white molding? The two alone make for a fresh combo that’s like an updated version of traditional blue and white. But then you add in a couple of elegantly comfy cream-colored pieces and it lends the look a wonderfully warm, welcoming feel. Black frames and accents may seem harsh to pair with sage walls, but the dark hues dial up the drama.


Paint Color: Silver Sage from Benjamin Moore


Photo by Tria Giovan/GAP Interiors. Interior by Kevin Spearman Design Group Inc.

Photo by Tria Giovan/GAP Interiors. Interior by Kevin Spearman Design Group Inc.

We love using warm sage in bedrooms! It’s a slightly more unexpected take on the currently trending gray bedroom craze yet still tranquil and relaxing—exactly what you need in the room where you catch your z’s. And though this bedroom, with those sky-high ceilings, is as elegant as they come, buttery curtains, wood side tables, and exposed beams give it an approachable, natural feel.


Paint Color: Analytical Gray from Sherwin-Williams


Photo by Jessie Webster. Interior by Jacey Duprie.

Photo by Jessie Webster. Interior by Jacey Duprie.

When we spotted this beauty on the site of photographer Jessie Webster, a fave blogger who’s behind Sweet Thing, we wanted to move right in. A deeper sage looks wonderfully rich when combined with furnishings and accents on the darker end of the color spectrum—burnt orange, mahogany, and deep gold. To play up a room’s architectural details, consider painting them a lighter version of your wall color.


Paint Color: Barbary Fig from Ralph Lauren


Photo by Ayla Christman

Photo by Ayla Christman

In a room with a restrained palette, gray-green sage is a perfect stand-in for a neutral. Its cool tones can be warmed up with touchy-feely textures like sheepskins and chunky knit throws alongside warm metal accents in bronze and brass.


Paint Color: Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware


Photo by Bess Friday; interior by Chloe Warner

Photo by Bess Friday; interior by Chloe Warner

We just can’t get enough of the watercolor feel of this shade, which can take a bedroom in a dreamily whimsical direction. Graphic black accents keep it from getting overly saccharine. Pro tip: Painting moldings the same color as the walls can increase the verticality of the space.


Paint Color: Calke Green from Farrow & Ball


Photo © Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Interior by Madeline Stuart.

Photo © Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Interior by Madeline Stuart.

When we typically think of a library, a space that’s dark and masculine immediately comes to mind. Because the books themselves are heavy with color and texture, sage is a lighter, more airy option for your shelves. It’s guaranteed to look stellar paired with that wood table or leather club chair, but it won’t overwhelm.


Paint Color: DKC-11 from Donald Kaufman

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25 Responses to “We’re Currently Loving: Sage-Green Rooms”

  1. Carl says:

    Pass. Looks sickly and sad. I would paint over that in a heartbeat.

  2. Lisa says:

    Silver Sage is a gorgeous soft classic color & it’s been in two houses for the past nine years for the simple fact that there has not been a more beautiful color since! It’s when Restoration Hardware was good!

  3. Roseanne LLoyd says:

    try revere pewter by ben moore. perfect

    • Michael Kiser says:

      i did my moms whole house i the Revere Pewter i had it mixed at sherman williams, didnt have a ben moore around. its really really lovely goes with anything you throw in with it..

  4. Michael Kiser says:

    i love the silver sage very classic looking..

  5. Michael Kiser says:

    on the walls is the revere pewter Roseanne was talking about.. i painted my moms whole house this color

  6. jerseydevil says:

    Lowes had “Lyndhurst Celadon Green” that we used in our renovated guest bath…love that color…very restful. When we repaint the Master Bedroom we are going to look for colors like it!

  7. moonbeammairgold says:

    I love soft greens, but there is no way green is a “warm color. It’s just not, it’s cool.

    I categorically hate gray paint. It is choosing a non-color. Why bother?

    • SALLYFARRAR says:

      I read that the Queen Mother (England, of course) always used a combination of Dove Gray and Butter Yellow in her bedrooms and that it was extremely elegant.

    • Gail Buzalski Ramsey says:

      I live with a saturated green called “Sweet Annie” by Olympic Premium in the living room and it is warm and cozy. So, there just may be an exception to your “no way green is a warm color”.

      • moonbeammairgold says:

        I’d say the warmth in the room is coming from other elements — light, for one. I have soft celadon green in my dining room, and it also seems somewhat warm. But that is coming from light diffused through the glass door, an translucent lace-edged curtain, and soft light from a chandelier and two Japanese fan sconces. The room’s exposure is east and south. Whereas, when I had this same color in another house with a shaded west window, it was definitely cool.

  8. monkeydevil says:

    Have had the Restoration Hardware Silver Sage in our master bath for 14 years – am going to change it only because I feel it’s time but not because I’ve ever grown tired of it. Every time I walk in there I still love it. Am planning to paint the guest room Benjamin Moore Beach Glass, which is pretty close to the Silver Sage (no longer have a Restoration Hardware near us)….I guess I just can’t let that gray/green/blue shade go!

  9. Cher Johnson says:

    My apartment has been painted Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware for 15 years & I still love it now as much as I did when I first painted it.

  10. Dennis says:

    I like the design photo by Jessie Webster it looks semi old and semi modern design. I found in this site a heater that will fit to any kind of home design. They have different sizes and unique but with a very reasonable price.

  11. Patient says:

    I am surprised they did not include Escape Gray from Sherwin Williams.

  12. Megan Morris Shook says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the sage green family of color. It’s neither cool nor warm, it’s just tepid. Warm woods don’t pop against it, and cool metals just blend right in. What’s worse is that it reminds me of old hospital walls. I wont be incorporating this trend.

  13. Shellie Donovan says:

    Farrow & Ball has much more beautiful colors and the best part of their paint is the finish, it’s really beautiful. It’s made in England and has minerals and other quality ingredients that I love. If I’m using whites to cut a budget I usually pick a Ben Moore white but when it comes to color 90% of the time I use F&B, not only do the clients love the outcome but when painters first started using it they also commented on the beautiful finish.

  14. Jill says:

    where can I purchase the light fixture found in the photo by Ayla Christman

  15. Sheila Sell says:

    I would love some advice about painting a very long wall in my kitchen. I have been considering a sage but I’m not sure how it would look in our log cabin lake house. The only non-log wall is the long kitchen wall, the rest are all huge logs.

  16. Tari Anne says:

    Ugh the more I learn the more frustrated and overwhelmed I become. My master bedroom is a pale soft sage. Adore it….but finding the accent colors is frustrating. Every place Ive looked there are no variety for curtains, throw pillows etc. Its always neutrals or crazy neon kid stuff…Im looking for rose, lavender, those lovely victorian colors for this room.

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