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Laura Resen/Elle Decor

Unify with Color 

When it comes to keeping a large bookshelf or open-shelving unit orderly, think similarly to arranging your bookshelves by color. Pick boxes of varying sizes in a uniform material and tone to create a cohesive decorative statement. An inexpensive option, these manila boxes look chic when stacked high and wide—like a functional piece of art!


Victoria Pearson/Reiner Light/House Beautiful

Create a Lower Level

If you are like us and have run out of room for your beloved coffee table books, this storage tip is right up your alley. Place a wood board along the length of the base of your dining or coffee table to allow for an extra surface area to stack your tomes. Layer in a few of your favorite decorative accessories for a stylist’s touch!


Björn Wallander/OTTO

Contain the Clutter

Woven baskets are a sleek accommodation for your laundry, no matter what stage it’s in. (Though when you see all the woven baskets lined up, you almost forget the contents still need to be washed or put away!) Make sure to pick baskets with raised handles (we love these leather ones!) for ease when toting them from room to room.


Patrick Cline/Lonny

Make It Personal

Get creative when putting away pens, stamps, stationery, and other tools at your workstation. Use decorative paper, leftover wrapping paper, or even butcher paper to cover small boxes, trays, letter racks, and pencil holders and dress up your home office. You can even switch up the covers seasonally to keep your surface a space you enjoy working at.



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