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Pack a Summer Bouquet

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If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to be out and about all summer long—enjoying picnics, outdoor concerts, and everything else alfresco. So is in-house stylist Meghan Guthrie, who had the idea to bring along a few summer flowers for a recent picnic and arranged a charming bouquet on the spot. “A portable arrangement is not as crazy as it sounds,” she says. “It’s supereasy to pack with your wine, cheese, and bread, and it’s an added detail that can really elevate any lawn meal.”

First, “an easy-to-carry vessel is key,” Meghan notes. A glass vase is nice but fragile and a bit cumbersome to transport, and a silver holder can feel a tad too formal. “Try reusing a tin container instead,” suggests Meghan. “We recycled a tomato can from making our picnic bruschetta; you can also use an empty tea tin or even a simple soup can.”

For the bouquet, “I used yellow peonies, white dahlias, and oregano,” says Meghan. “Stick to two or three simple flowers, and keep the arrangement casual,” she adds. “I started with the peonies—my big blooms—and then filled in gaps in the bouquet with the dahlias and oregano.”

Meghan’s Tip: To keep the flowers from getting damaged, you can put them in an inflated freezer bag or wrap them in wet towels and arrange on the spot.


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