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5 Sunrooms to Inspire Your Own Light-Filled Escape

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Who doesn’t dream of lazing away a slow afternoon in the sunroom? We certainly do, which is why we rounded up some of our favorites here, breaking down the exact elements so that you can get the light-filled look at home.

Sunrooms, though they vary by design, are typically built off the side of a house and meant to let you take in the great outdoors without actually being in the great outdoors, making them perfect spaces for lounging no matter the season.

Whether you have a dedicated sunroom or not, use these spaces as inspiration for your room with a view—and get set to sit back, relax, and soak up the sun.

Photo by Tony Vu

Photo by Tony Vu

The Classic, Collected Mix

The look: We’re always about a well-curated mix, which is why we’re absolutely in love with this resplendent, garden-inspired space. The collection of both indoor and outdoor pieces is really what makes it sing. Can’t you just imagine sipping a cup of coffee in here on a lazy weekend morning?

The furnishings: Though they typically live in different environs, we believe indoor and outdoor furnishings are meant to be mixed. A slipcover sofa and wicker chairs anchor the sitting space, while a metal side table with just the right amount of patina lends well-worn charm.

The extras: Bring elements of the garden indoors with lots of green—and not just of the plant variety. Chair cushions, glass hurricanes, and an elegant wall panel add a bright hit of color while blending seamlessly with the outside environment.

Photo by William Waldron/Interior Archive

Photo by William Waldron/Interior Archive

Rustic-Cabin Cool

The look: A simpler, more toned-down look works just as well for the sunroom as something over-the-top. Case in point: this easy, relaxed space with its clean furnishings, neutral palette, and cabin-in-the-woods charm.

The furnishings: Clean-lined, low-slung pieces are the way to go to keep the cabin-cool vibe going. And fret not—they can be as comfortable as something that looks more plush and filled-out.

The extras: Rustic-feeling details, such as industrial metal stools and grain-sack throw pillows, will add interest and personality without mussing up the simplicity of the space.

Photo by Tony Vu

Photo by Tony Vu

All Prepped Up

The look: Pattern, pattern, and more pattern! With upwards of five prints here, more feels just right. And paired with preppy details, it’s a match made in sun-soaked heaven.

The furnishings: Let your upholstery do most of the talking with all manner of prints and patterns. The key to keeping it cohesive? Stick to a theme and a color palette. The blues, greens, and yellows help run a common thread throughout the space, while the motifs primarily read floral or geometric.

The extras: A fabric- or wallpaper-lined ceiling is certainly a way to bring this look to the next level, but if that’s not in your wheelhouse, go big on curtains (just make sure you can pull them back to enjoy the sun!). Chinoiserie accents, such as a pagoda and an embellished garden stool, teamed with a few woven, outdoor-feeling pieces will really bring home the preppy Palm Beach vibe.

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Photo by Eric Piasecki/OTTO

Neutral and Natural

The look: This space feels right in touch with nature with its organic textures and hues. And what better way to enjoy nature than in a spot that makes you feel as if you’re right out in it?

The furnishings: Teak and wicker are the perfect pairing, and, as outdoor furniture materials, they really make the room feel like the true indoor-outdoor space it is.

The extras: Again, it’s all about the natural look. A wooden bowl, woven lampshades, and a few other pieces with an organic feel are the ideal complement to the teak and wicker furnishings. The navy and subtly patterned cushions and pillows bring in the slightest pop of color without overwhelming the neutral palette.

Photo © Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Photo © Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

The Polished Porch

The look: Fresh, classic design leads the way here, creating a simple and symmetrical look that feels warm and inviting—and that will be in style for years to come.

The furnishings: Tailored upholstery mixed with polished wood pieces is always a sure bet. If you’ll be opening up the windows, consider outdoor pieces or performance fabrics to ensure they stand up to whatever elements manage to make it inside.

The extras: The details make a space like this shine. Spindle legs on the coffee table, a clean but impactful bell jar pendant, and oversize artwork bring in just the right amount of flourish. Underscore it all with a light-hued traditional rug, and you’ve got a space fit for entertaining and lazy days alike.

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