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Decorator Trick: Use Symmetry to Put Your Room in Balance

Decorator Trick: Use Symmetry to Put Your Room in Balance
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The human eye is naturally inclined to find symmetrical designs appealing. So it’s no surprise that when designing a room, interior decorators often double up on everything from chairs to end tables to floor lamps, essentially creating two matching halves that add up to one gorgeous room.

Designing with symmetry in mind adds a sense of balance to your room, but that doesn’t mean everything has to appear in sets of two. As design guru Amanda Nisbet says, “Try to add something that sets the symmetry just a tad bit off. This will ensure the room isn’t too perfect.” So why not cut the number of decisions to be made in half by picking a grounding center point and doubling up from there.

The Living Room

Center point: The sofa
Pairing strategy: End tables, table lamps, throw pillows, a diptych, accent chairs
Throw the symmetry off with: A throw and some sculptural objets

The Entryway

Center point: The console table
Pairing strategy: Baskets, table lamps, stools, side chairs
Throw the symmetry off with: A catchall tray and an umbrella stand

Photo by William Waldron / Interior Archive

Photo by William Waldron / Interior Archive

The Bedroom

Center point: The bed
Pairing strategy: Nightstands, table lamps, accent seating, throw pillows, artwork
Throw the symmetry off with: Framed photos, books, and boxes

The Mantel

Center point: The middle of the mirror or artwork above the mantel
Pairing strategy: Hurricanes or candlesticks, greenery, sconces
Throw the symmetry off with: Objets and books

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  1. boofinky says:

    my mother used that scheme

  2. There is time and place for symmetry as well as asymmetry.

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