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Thanksgiving Table:
Haute Harvest

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Thanksgiving is all about the conversation and the sumptuous spread. We wanted to celebrate both by using seasonal fruit as decor and creating a table that is both relaxed and refined. A tablecloth with hits of regal purple and blue is a fashionable base. Glass plates keep the setting from getting too heavy. Lastly, low arrangements allow banter to flow freely.

Why This Table Works

The Pattern
Choosing one large-scale print makes it easier to blend in accents that have smaller patterns. We chose a paisley that reminded us of classic crewelwork.

The Palette
Colors on opposite ends of the spectrum can work well together. Cool tones of blue and purple add a regal layer to autumn’s warm shades of orange and brown.

The Accents
Use what is readily available to you for a truly natural scene. Findings from a fall walk (crabapples, leaves) feel perfectly at home here.


Fill gold-rimmed bowls with autumnal offerings. We like persimmons, lady apples, pears, and a few gilded pomegranates.


A few pheasant feathers are a unique alternative to the usual gourd or turkey.


Turn It Up
Serve up great music for guests to enjoy from cocktails through pumpkin pie.

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