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Camel is the new black: Model and fashion blogger Zanita Whittington wins us over in her editorial spread all about making the case for the camel coat. Her stunning photos and tips for wearing it will have you running out to pick up one of your own.

Eye Swoon

Rosé plus honey and sangria? Everything about this drink makes us swoon. Refresh yourself with a glass of Rosé Sangria with Honey Lavender Syrup, and feast your eyes on this stunning beach spread.


These stark white Swedish interiors are to die for. Take a peek at this stylishly compact Swedish apartment that mixes modern minimalist interiors with rustic wood.


Take a journey with Vogue to the floating metropolis of Venice at its most magical time: during the breathtaking Festa del Redentore. Watch the waterfront celebration, filled with fireworks, gondola races, and stylish residents beating the summer heat, in gorgeous GIFs that only Vogue could provide.

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We’ve long been a fan of fabulous design guru Kelly Wearstler. Follow her for daily snaps of the chicest design eye candy.

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