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The Essential Guide to the Demilune

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Whether flanking a fireplace or tucked in a tight space, this small accent has big style power. From the drawing rooms of 18th-century France to the Kennedy White House to chic homes today, the demilune is as well-rounded as it gets.


Swift Seating Area

For an intimate seating area, just gather two chairs on either side of a demilune. The table’s top is just big enough for a bit of lighting, a few objects, or a place to perch a cocktail, while the petite width is often the perfect scale to fit between two windows.

Counter Stand-In

A demilune table can give a powder room or bath an unexpected, elegant vanity area. Wood styles are a nice counterbalance to the metal fixtures and tile in the space. Try using a small stool or shelf next to the sink to provide that extra bit of counter space you may need.

Entryway Idol

Its wall-hugging shape and rounded edges makes a demilune the ideal piece for a narrow hall.  Choosing one that is a similar color to your walls will help your demilune integrate into the space even more.

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