V-Day Gift Ideas That Are As Unique As They Are Sweet

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Work of Heart

“Embroidering a heart on the inside lining of my fiancé’s shirt collars started off as a Valentine’s Day present, but I actually now do it to all his favorite pieces of clothing. It’s a simple gesture that feels intimate but actually takes way less time than he realizes. I love knowing that every time he spots one of those hearts—whether I’m there or not—it brings a smile to his face and reminds him of our special connection.”—Rosie D’Argenzio, social media manager


Outward Bound

“Every year, my husband and I give each other experiential gifts—skydiving lessons, concert tickets, or little trips—that we can do together. This year we’re taking our kids to Deer Valley, UT, where they—and my husband—will have their first ski lesson ever!”—Elana Frankel, senior director, photo and style


Trip Down Memory Lane

“I love giving my husband a little something meaningful from his past. He’s from the Indian River Valley, aka the citrus capital of Florida, so this year I’m surprising him with a special delivery of Honeybell oranges from one of the groves down there. They’re only available for a few weeks a year, but they’re the sweetest, juiciest variety they grow.”—Madhu Puri, senior editor

Raise the Bar

“One of our friends had a fully stocked bar cart, and whenever we were at his place I’d notice my husband, Ben, admiring it. So I decided to surprise him with a starter bar for Valentine’s Day. I asked said friend for recommendations for liquors, ‘extras’ like bitters and Luxardo Maraschino cherries, and all the necessary bar tools. I knew I was onto something when the liquor-store clerk said my husband was one lucky guy. Ben loved his gift, and he’s now recreating cocktails from our favorite bars!—Alison Hall, editorial director



“For my husband, Bob, I love putting together a digital photo book filled with images from the previous year. I find that Valentine’s Day is a great time to reminisce about all the special times and moments. I’ll include pics of the whole family, but of course I make sure there are lots of pictures of us! I usually just use iPhoto, but I just found out about a fun site called Printstagram, which prints off or makes books from your Instagram photos—maybe next year!”—Susan Feldman, co-founder 


Table for Two

“Rather than exchanging gifts or going out, my fiancé and I usually cook together for Valentine’s Day. We always try to make a recipe that means something to us, like this year, we’re trying out an old lobster enchilada recipe of my grandfather’s.”—Rebecca Alvarez, graphic designer

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