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Which Is More Rad, Rachel Roy’s Paper or Pad?

We’ve been dying over Rachel Roy’s gorgeous wrapping paper designs for days, but when we saw her duplex in NYC, the connections were totally evident (check out those heels!) and just too good not to share.

It’s Roy’s decidedly relaxed approach to her home that caught our eye. Here, books form a purposeful stack on the floor, and Roy perches on one of her driftwood cubes, which double as coffee tables and stools.

Roy’s Blue Abstract Floral wrapping paper design beautifully combines the organic forms and saturated hues she chose for her space.

Roy’s red Eames chairs act as the perfect modern counterpoint to the driftwood table. One of our favorite Roy discoveries is that she’s been collecting issues of National Geographic since she was 14, and their yellow spines form graphic pops of color on her bookshelves. You’d never guess, but those orange outlines on her shelves were done with artist’s tape!

Equally modern is Roy’s Red & Beige Stripes wrapping paper design, which was inspired by a piece in the MoMA and first translated by Roy into a dress in her collection.


Another wonderful Roy tidbit is that she gave her apartment’s master bedroom to her two daughters, Ava and Tallulah, to share and kept for herself this smaller, sun-drenched bedroom. Beyond the neutral and pastel palette, the room’s serene feel was created by taking down an interior drywall and replacing it with glass, which flooded the room with light from her glass terrace wall.

A favorite among our staffers, Roy’s Feathers wrapping paper is the perfect year-round paper to have on hand for any occasion.


Roy’s tidy closet is inspiring us to do a little preholiday closet purge, and if you look closely you’ll see the blouse from her line that inspired her Feather paper.

So we’re dying to know! Which are you more in love with, Rachel Roy’s paper or her pad?

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