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All-White Everything

 In the Bathroom

Photography by Melanie Acevedo / Veranda Magazine


Designer Thomas O’Brien creates a timeless space with high-quality materials and a limited palette. The shiny silver light fixtures echo the silvery gray veins in the marble; the frames of the wall art add just a touch of gold.

Idea to steal: Outfit your bathroom with real furniture! This suede bench brings a lavish and warm touch to the room.


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This bathroom is all about the dramatic elements of the interior architecture. Floor-to-ceiling white subway tiles amplify the arch—and instead of a colored accent wall, why not use large marble tiles? The isolated space beckons for an all-white tub, making it a true retreat.

Idea to steal: Try a tall side table (or even bar cart!) beside a spalike tub. The height will not only add a layer to the space but will also make it easy for you to grab your glass of vino from the tub!


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The complementary shapes of the subway tiles on the walls and the penny tiles on the floor animate an otherwise austere white bathroom punctuated by sharp (and sexy!) angular lines.

Idea to steal: Match hardware finishes in an all-white bathroom, like the tub faucet and showerheads here. It’s an understated but powerful decorating technique.


In the Bedroom

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This zen white bedroom is all about clean lines and layered materials. The furnishings are spartan, allowing the varied materials, from the metallic hide rug to the nubby wool chair, really shine.

Idea to steal: Long floor-to-ceiling drapes that gently break on the floor create a pillarlike effect, adding an almost architectural touch to the room.


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The low bed paired with the high vaulted ceiling creates a light-soaked space gleaming with charm. What works well here is the mix of finishes: The high-gloss white floor reflects the loads of natural light and is balanced by the whitewashed ceiling. It’s a literal high-low mix!

Idea to steal: Rethink the traditional nightstand. A worn crate or stool beside your bed can create an unexpected aesthetic, rich in sensuous materials.


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Soft gray walls are the perfect backdrop for this creamy, clean-lined bedroom. The room still feels airy and light, but there is depth and complexity to the space.

Idea to steal: Pair the hue of your headboard with the wall color, making it almost fade away. This will allow the crisp white linens and accents to pop.


In the Kitchen

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A muted sandy color on the walls and accent fabrics, instead of allover bright white, gives this kitchen its rustic feel. Complete the look with a deep (and super functional!) farmhouse sink.

Idea to steal: Ditch upper cabinets for open shelving, which lightens the space while providing plenty of storage.


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When it comes to a breakfast nook, all-white furnishings may not come top of mind, but they should! White furniture opens up a small space yet doesn’t call too much attention to the limited square footage.

Idea to steal: Reupholster vintage chairs in a matte white muslin fabric. It’s inexpensive, and as it wears, the style looks purposeful.


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Weathered brick walls juxtaposed with luxe cabinetry is a dream kitchen in our book. The substantial island provides plenty of surface area above and storage below.

Idea to steal: A mod metallic pendant to punctuate the glossy white, because every kitchen needs some bling!


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