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Erica’s attic and a Darryl Carter designed attic, which he transformed into a home office haven.

Q: I’d like to turn my empty attic with low, sloped ceilings into my home office, but the space seems so awkward. Any suggestions for how I can set it up? Erica, San Francisco

Slanted ceilings can definitely be a challenge, but the key is to subtly accentuate them rather than trying to ignore them. I love the way designer Darryl Carter used artwork in white frames on the sloped walls of this attic. The eye reads them as texture, but the light-colored frames keep the ceilings feeling airy, avoiding any kind of claustrophobic effect. Security picture hangers are available at most hardware stores and are perfect for hanging artwork on sloped walls. Also, rather than pushing your desk into the corner, try floating it in the center of the space, as Carter did, to create a focal point and better use the area of the room where the ceilings are the highest. You’ll be enjoying a cozy home office in no time!

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(Photography by Simon Upton/The Interior Archive)

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