1920s Jewelry
  1. MFI

    1920s Art Deco Crystal Bracelet - Neil Zevnik - silver/red/aqua/gray

    More Details 1920s Art Deco A.L. Lindroth Co. silver-plated bracelet in a hinged-segment design presenting four square-cut crystals in each segment in hues of ruby, aqua, and smoky "black diamond" flanked by narrow etched panels. Signed "A.L.L.CO." Quintessential Deco design, singular and subtle.
  2. MFI

    1920s Art Deco Ruby Crystal Necklace - Neil Zevnik - red/silver

    More Details 1920s Art Deco ruby crystal and sterling chain necklace. This classic Art Deco necklace offers seven faceted ruby crystals in a teardrop cut suspended from a fine sterling silver chain. The spring-ring and o-ring clasp is flanked by two cubes of ruby crystal. The crystals are a rich, saturated ruby-red hue, and they are in impeccable condition -- no nicks, chips, or scratches. Each hand-cut crystal is 0.75"L x 0.4"W.
  3. MFI

    1920s Czech Melon Art Glass Necklace - Neil Zevnik - green/gold

    More Details 1920s Czech choker necklace of graduating green art glass melon beads w/ etched gilded end caps, separated by tiny clear seed beads, finished w/ an oval clasp bezel-set w/ a faceted green glass stone. The color of the glass is a rich warm grass-green hue, with an almost matte finish, making them subtle but distinctive. Signed "Czechoslovakia". Largest bead, 0.65"dia.
  4. MFI

    1920s B&N Gilded Expansion Bracelet - Neil Zevnik - gold/red

    More Details 1920s Art Deco Bugbee and Niles gilded expansion bracelet in original presentation box. Classic expansion design is expressed in curving panels that are alternately smooth and intricately etched; three panels in front are embellished with rows of ruby-red crystals. Box is lined in red velvet andcovered in red felt and gold foil.Condition throughout is shockingly excellent and barely touched; original foil tab is present. Signed "BandN". Bracelet, 1.25"W, fully expandable; box, 3.75"W x ...
  5. MFI

    1920s Czech Amethyst Star Bracelet - Neil Zevnik - gold/purple/fuchsia

    More Details 1920s Czech gold-washed bracelet of linked curved rectangular open-work platforms presenting bezel-set cabochons of amethyst star sapphire glass, alternating with cloisonné leaves of fuchsia enamel, finished with a spring-ring clasp. The star sapphire stones are translucent and expressive; condition is startlingly excellent -- gold wash is impeccable, enamel is richly colored and flawless, and the amethyst glass is smooth and unblemished. A singularly fine example of Art Deco Czech artistry.
  6. MFI

    1920s Art Deco Art Glass Link Bracelet - Neil Zevnik - gold/green/blue/orange

    More Details 1920s Art Deco gold fill over sterling link bracelet w/ art glass stones. Oval open-back platforms offer prong-set art glass stones made to resemble lapis, carnelian, and jade; these alternate w/ smaller oval links w/ small bar connectors. The ends are finished w/ a flourish of fleur-de-lys design, and the original flattened spring-ring clasp is present.The subtle and sinuous design is classic Art Deco. Impeccable condition throughout. Signed "1/20 12K GF".
  7. MFI

    1920s Art Deco Carved Amethyst Necklace - Neil Zevnik

    More Details 1920s Art Deco Chinese carved gem amethyst bead necklace. Hand-carved beads in a geometric floral pattern, color varies slightly from bead to bead; in between each large bead are two small smooth beads. Securely strung on original hand-knotted purple silk thread, finished with a 14K gold-filled spring-ring clasp. Beads approx. 0.75"Dia; total weight 5.5 ounces. Resonant and singular. Marked on clasp "1/20-14Kt GF."
  8. QHD

    Louis XVI-Style Fauteuils - Set of 2 - House of Charm Antiques - frame, brown; upholstery, gold/red/white/green

    More Details Pair of 1920s to 1930s Louis XVI-style hand-carved cameo-back armchairs with gilded finish and worn linen tapestry-style fabric. Gilt wear, watermark on fabric of one chair.