2-b-modern Modern Vase
  1. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Handmade Pottery Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s handmade lava-style multicolored ceramic vase. Illegible maker's mark.
  2. 2-b-Modern

    Contemporary Abstract Glass Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Contemporary hand blown abstract designed glass vase designed by Adam Jablonski, Poland. Marked.
  3. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Raymor Square Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Midcentury Raymor Italy ceramic vase with retro multicolored squares. Double-sided design. With a maker's mark.
  4. 2-b-Modern

    1970s Kumela Finland Amber Glass Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Designed by Timo Sarpanevo's brother Pentti in Riihimaki Finland for Oy Kumela Glass Works, this amber squared vase is handblown with a clear base. Very small bruise on the top rim. Unmarked.
  5. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Danish Teak Bud Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s sculpted Danish teak bud vase with a metal insert (possibly copper). Partial illegible maker's mark.
  6. 2-b-Modern

    1980s Tall Incised Pottery vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1980s hand-made tall incised pottery vase. marked: Joseph Godin 1985.
  7. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Small Kosta Boda Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Kosta Boda small handblown vase, circa 1960s. Marked.
  8. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Keramik W. German Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Leaf designed ceramic vase designed by Keramik of W. Germany, circa 1960s. Marked.
  9. 2-b-Modern

    Southwest Style Ceramic Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Southwest style ceramic vase with a horse and Indian scene. Marked.
  10. 2-b-Modern

    1950s Tall Crimson Glass Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Tall ruffled crimson glass vase, circa 1950. No maker's mark.
  11. 2-b-Modern

    1960s Italian Murano Quilted Glass Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Italian Murano quilted glass ruffle top glass vase in butterscotch, circa 1960s. Marked: Lavorazione, Murano Italy.
  12. 2-b-Modern

    Grapevine Ceramic Tall Vase - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Tall ceramic vase with blue and green grapevine design.
  13. 2-b-Modern

    Ovoid Vases for Marquis by Waterford - Pr - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Pair of handblown tall ovoid shaped glass vases for Marquis by Waterford Glass Co. Marked.