2-b-modern Serveware

    Dansk Bamboo Serving Bowl - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Large round bamboo salad serving bowl designed by Jens Quistagaard, circa 1980. Marked: Dansk.

    1950s Oval Green Glass Platters - Set of 2 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Pair of 1950s oval green glass serving platters attributed to Fostoria Glass. Smaller platter, 10.5"Dia x 8.25"W x 1"H.

    Floral Etched Green Glass Handled Server - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1930s floral etched green glass center handled serving dish.

    Teak Wood Folding Breakfast Serving Tray - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Teak wood folding breakfast serving tray that can be used for a bed serving tray or just a tray. Marked underneath. Measurements fully open: 22”L x 13.75”W x 12”H.

    1960s Cape Cod Pedestal Cake Stand - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s glass pedestal cake server in the Cape Cod pattern by Imperial Glass Company.

    Dorothy Thorpe Glass Serving Plate - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Silver-rim round glass serving plate designed by Dorothy Thorpe, circa 1960s. Light wear to silver rim.

    Clam-Shell Ceramic Trivet - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1970s round ceramic trivet with a clam-shell design.

    Italian Silver Plate & Glass Trivet - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1950s round silver-plate-and-glass trivet. Marked, "Italy".

    1960s Dorothy Thorpe Silver-Rim Pitcher - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Silver-rim glass handled pitcher designed by Dorothy Thorpe, circa 1960s. Marked.

    1960s Handled Walnut Wood Server - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s handled walnut wood server. Marked: Gladmark.

    Art Deco Walnut Wood Handled Tray - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Art Deco walnut wood Bakelite handled serving tray.

    Crystal Glass Sugar & Creamer - Set of 2 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Pair of crystal glass creamer and sugar with a lid, circa 1960s. Creamer: 4"Dia x 2.75"W x 3.25"H.

    Franciscan Apple Sugar & Creamer Set - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Franciscan Apple pattern sugar and creamer set, circa 1960s. Creamer: 4.75"L x 3.5"W x 2.75"H. Marked.

    Wood Salad Bowl Serving Set - Set of 8 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s wood salad bowl serving set. Salad bowl, 9"Dia x 3.5"H; five individual bowls, 5.75"Dia x 1.75"H; serving fork and spoon, 12"L x 1"H.

    1960s Red Glass Wine Decanter Set - Set of 7 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Set of seven red glass wine decanter set, circa 1960s. Wine glasses(7): 2.75"Dia x 5"H.

    Hand-Decorated Decanter Set - Set of 4 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Handblown and decorated glass decanter with three small shot glasses. Shot glasses, 1.75"Dia x 2.5"H. Light wear to stopper.

    Florentine Red & Gilt Serving Tray - 2-b-Modern

    More Details Italian red and gilt square Florentine wood serving tray. Marked.

    1960s Blue Velvet Bar Bottles - Set of 5 - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s set of five blue velvet bar bottles with different historical scenes. One bottle has a small nick on the plastic top. Marked.

    Fruit Painted Handled Serving Tray - 2-b-Modern

    More Details 1960s large metal serving tray hand-painted with colorful fruit.